Our Cat Is Quite Vicious, How Can We Domesticate Her?


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The ancestors of all domestic cat all over the world is said to be the African Wildcat. A willing companion, of sailors on ship, they were taken along to hunt out rats on board.

By nature cat is not a very domestic animal; rather the owners have to adapt to some of their habits. Cats can be tamed but it is difficult to domesticate them also the taming process can take place more easily if the cat had grown up with the family wherein it can adapt more easily to the surroundings.

Giving a cat situation to flair up in rage or to get excited because of teasing will incite the animal to pounce in self defence. This will be accompanied by clawing and wounding. Again there is a technique by which to pick up a cat. It is done from behind with one hand on the belly and the other hand petting the neck. This gives a sensation to the animal which it enjoys.

Each voice produced by the cat is meaningful. Understanding comes with experience. It could be a happy purr or a soft mew of satisfaction, or a threatening howl. Train yourself to react according and satisfy the need of the animal.
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If the cat has a problem following the rules of your household, then go get a water gun from the toy store and fill it with tap water. When the cat does something it isn't suppose to do, call its name out and then hit it with a couple of water shots to the side of its body, never shoot the water towards the face in the ears or in the eyes, and when the cat has ceased doing what caused it to be punished, and is washing its fur, then tell the cat your a good boy/girl, and don't hold a grudge. I never believe in hitting any animal with my hand or with a rolled up newspaper, the water gun gets the point across real well and immediately, if not sooner!
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I read somewhere that kittens must have positive interaction with humans within the first 3 months of life, or they don't get really very tame. Some cats seem to have very loving attitudes and enjoy being with their humans and then others seem to prefer being left alone until it's their choice to allow you to pet them. Maybe your cat is more solitary, try leaving it to itself for awhile and you may find it seeking out your company on its own terms and timing.

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