My Dog Is Getting Red Mange Around The Eye. What Should I Do?


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Red mange is cause by demodex canis that is usually present on dogs skin. This type of mange is not contagious. Abnormally high number of  these mites can cause some problems. Red mange can be localized or generalized. Localized red mange affects dogs blow one year of age. Its signs are thinning of hairs on fron legs, around eyelids, lips, and mouth. Its major causes are stress and minor illnesses.

Generalized mange can be juvenile and adult red mange. Juvenile generalized red mange is affects dogs of 6 months to 3 years and is is self treated on the full development of dog's immune system. Adult generalized red mange is caused by some diseases like cancer, side effects of some medicines like steroids,
metabolic disease, and immunosuppressivetreatments. This type of mange can be due to genetically inherited predisposition to the diseases.

Signs of all types of red mange are hair loss in patches on head,  legs and trunk, formation of crusty sores, blackheads, excessive skin pigmentation and
itching. Treatment is done by use of topical preparations like milbemycin, amitraz dips,  and ivermectin. You should take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Demodectic mange isn't usually contagious, generally if it is transferred, it's from the mother to the puppies during the first few days after their birth.

Treatment usually involves antibiotics or medicated shampoos, Amitraz is a rinse that's applied weekly, or 2x a week for several weeks until no mites are detected.

Try this website that I found,, it says you can talk to a vet for free, and the other one I found was, it said that this site costs $5.95 per question, small price to pay to know for sure, right. Hope this helps.
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It is called Domestic Mange. Its treatment is easy. Its hair should be cut very short to give proper treatment. Apply ointment daily till its hair grows again. If itching is increasing day be day give it Benadryl daily. Bathe in shampoo with warm water daily. Mix water with Mitaban, drench the body for 15 to 20 minutes, and let it dry by its own without using towel or dryer. Don't give bath to your pet between Mitaban dips. Give it high quality and well balanced diet. You can fail in this treatment if you don't take extra care and don't show regularity. Add few table spoons of yogurt in its food.
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My min-pin got the exact same thing-except they have really short hair... I did the mitaban thing for 3 treatments, and tried to figure what set the mange off. The vet said that all dogs have it, but it takes a suppressed immune system to trigger it. I had switched from IAM's puppy to Purina Beneful right before this all started. I switched her to IAM's (weight management) and it miraculously went away. Like I said earlier, I did give the dog 3 mitaban treatments, so maybe that in combo with the premium chow was the trick in my case. Good Luck!

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