My Kitten Has Green Gunk In Her Eyes. What Is This And What Should I Do About It?


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Ocular discharge can be caused be a number of things.  Upper respiratory tract infections are common in young cats.  Other causes include foreign body in the eye, trauma to the eye, blocked tear duct, dry eye, conjunctivitis, or more serious conditions of the eye.  Your kitten should be examined by a vet.  An eye exam can rule out more serious ocular conditions.  If it is a respiratory tract infection, it will be highly contagious to other cats and you should isolate your kitten.  Your kitten will have to go on eyedrops and antibiotics depending on the severity of the infection.
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Yes. Your cat sounds like he has a URI (Upper Respiratory tract Infection). The best you can do is take him to the vet to get the right medication. Another thing you can do is get a supplement called L-Lysine. Do a search online for "L-Lysine for cats with URI" and you can find some info. It is basically a cat "cold" and if left untreated can cause permanent eye damage and even pneumonia. It can also be passed to your other pets. Please talk to your veterinarian and discuss treatment options. I hope your kitty feels better really soon!
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Do an internet search on "treatment for URI in cats" and also "L-Lysine for treatment in cats with URI." You should get some answers. Also try Petsmart, see if they have a product called L-Lysine gel for cats. Good luck and thank you for taking the little guy in.
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What if I let the kitten go without going to a vet, what will happen? And how long do I have?
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Take him to a vet. They will identify the problem and give you a cream / eye-drop for it. My cat had a watery eye the vet gave me cream and now hes fine.
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My kitten is about six weeks old and she has green puss coming out of her eyes and when she sneezes it comes out from her nose to is it leukemia?
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This could be 'conjunctivitis' if you see your vet he/she may be able to give medication to settle this, in the mean time wash the eyes gently with a warm washer.

My cat had swollen eye once, this was because there was a grass seed lodged in his eye, if they are swollen I suggest you check for grass seeds and see the vet.

Good luck and I hopw your kitten s eyes settle down ok!

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