My Cat Has A Glazed And Discolored Eye. What Should We Do?


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If your cat has a glazed or discolored eye, the most obvious thing to do would be to take it to the vet.

There are a number of different ailments that could be affecting your cat, and some of them require swift treatment if you are to save your cat's eyesight.

I find that it's helpful to know a little bit about what might be troubling your cat before you take it to the vet, though, as you never know how attentive your vet is going to be.

The following is a list of medical problems that are related to glazed and discolored eyes in felines:

Why is my cat's eye discolored and cloudy?
  • Nuclear schlerosis- Is the first condition that comes to mind. It is fairly common in ageing cats, and shouldn't be anything to worry about. In most cases of nuclear schlerosis, a cat can see just fine anyway.
  • Uveitis- Is an infection of the 'middle-layer' of the eye, and will require urgent attention.
  • Conjunctivitis- Is a very common eye problem in cats. It can cause a cat's eye to look inflamed, and discoloration would suggest some sort of bacterial infection.
  • Herpes- Believe it or not, a cat can actually acquire herpes in its eyes. A course of vaccinations can help to treat the condition.
  • Iris Melanoma- Is a condition that affects older cats, and is well-known for causing discoloration.

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