Is It Normal For A Cat's Breath To Smell So Bad That Makes You Nauseous?


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I have had cats all my life and the only time that there breath smelled that bad, there was an issue (teeth that needed to come out and other dental issues that needed to be addressed).  I work at a vet clinic and we do a number of cat dental every year. Their teeth need quality care the same as you or me.  If this smell is strong enough to make you nauseous, take the cat to your vet immediately, as it may have a painful abscessed tooth, or mouth tumors are possible as well. Good luck!
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Well I have 2 cats and their breath smells really bad but I try not to breathe it in.Why ,do you breathe it in??I have a feeling that you either have a sick cat or you are feeling ill.either way cats breathe stinks
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Yes that is a good thing because that means they are eating right..and are getting the nutrition they need..although I think there is something like a cat treat that gives them nutrition and makes there breath smell better. Also cats clean them self so that's also where the stinky breath comes from. I think it would be best if a cat only cleans it self once a day because then the cat would get fur balls and would eventually puke it up..( I know that's nasty but its the sad truth) I hope my answer helped you and hopefully in the future your cat will have good no smelly breath..!

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