When Do Kittens Start To See?


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A newborn kitten will first open its eyes about seven to ten days after it was born, however they will still not be able to see properly. Their vision will remain poor until about ten weeks after their birth.

When kittens first open their eyes, you will be able to see that they have a cloudy cornea, the outer layer over the eyeball. This cloudiness will last for about 24 hours and then it will start to clear. The kitten’s vision will remain poor and cloudy until it reaches about three weeks of age, when it will start to improve but they will only be able to see as well as adult cats at about ten weeks of age. For around three weeks after the cloudy cornea disappears, you may notice that your kitten does not react when objects approach it. This is because the cornea reflex is not fully developed but don’t worry, it will come with time. You may also notice that colour of the iris tends to vary. This will continue until it is about eight weeks old, then the iris colour will become more permanent.

Once your kitten reaches about two weeks of age, you will notice that it will develop rather rapidly. This will continue until it is about their seventh week. Their co-ordination will improve along with their eyesight and you will notice a great change in their physical strength. They will begin to play fight with their brothers and sisters and become greatly interested in the world outside their nest and they will become very curious and start to wander about your house. They will also learn to wash and groom themselves as well as playing hunting and stalking games. This is just part of their eyesight development and them becoming used to their surroundings as they are able to see more clearly.
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Kittens (and Puppies) can see light and dark and general shapes as soon as their eyes open which is usually at around ten days old.  Their sight gets better as their brains develop and they become more mobile over the next few weeks.
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About 3 weeks they start seeing but their vision isn't clear for about 4-5 weeks.
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Kittens open their eye at 10-14 days.  This reveal a cloudy cornea (outer surface of the eye) that lasts about 24 hours then clears.  Vision is poor until 3 weeks of age.  The corneal reflex is present once they open their eyes--pulling back when objects approach or touch the cornea.  For 3 weeks that kitten may not blink when objects approach the eye.  This menace reflex will develop after this.  Iris color can change until 8 weeks when it is most often permanent.

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