What Is Normal For A Cat's Temperature?


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Although they are feline animals, a cat's temperature can vary just like a human's. A normal temperature for a cat is around 100 to 102.5 degrees F.

From your question where you say that your cat's temperature is around 104, I would say that your cat has some kind of fever. If a cat's temperature starts to pass 104 then they will begin to be concerned. This could most likely be caused by infection, inflammation and pain. You should make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible but if your cat's temperature rises above 106.5 then you should make an emergency appointment.

A fever in cats can sometimes be normal and even an important and beneficial response to bacteria. A higher temperature can stop the growth of certain bacteria and in fact improve a cat's immune system. However, a high temperature of 105 to 106 for more than one or two days can lead to severe dehydration, loss of appetite and even brain damage.

If you want to take your cat's temperature, then it is not advised that you use human ear thermometers as this is not a reliable method. This is because their calibration is not set correctly for cats and their ears are shaped differently to humans. The best and easiest way to take a cat's temperature is to take use a paediatric rectal glass or digital thermometer.

You will need two people in order to take your cat's temperature. The first person should hold the cat carefully but securely while the other inserts the thermometer. You must not rush this procedure, not let the cat make any sudden movements and really take it slowly. Wrapping the cat in a towel might help to stabilise them.

You should make sure that the thermometer is properly lubricated before you insert it. Normal thermometers should be left in their for two minutes and digital thermometers will beep when they are ready.
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A cat's temperature is a range, not a specific number, like humans. Normal for a cat is 100 to102.5 degrees.
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Dear mymollie: Thank you for your answer. I appreciate the info. Maybe I can help you with an answer some day! If that is your "mollie", she is gorgeous! Cindy
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The normal temperature for a cat is 99.5-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your cat definitely has a fever.  Fever is most often caused by infection, inflammation, and pain.  Did your veterinarian find any abnormalities on examination?  If not diagnostic tests need to be run to determine the cause of the fever.  Do NOT give any medications without consulting your medication--many medications that are safe for humans are NOT safe for cats.
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Ann: Thank you so much for your answer. Smokey is in the hospital getting antibiotics and fluids.The Dr. says he has an infection. His fever is now 103. He feels it will come down more by the end of today.
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I agree with the previous 2 answers.  I would call your vet and maybe make an appt.  Is your cat eating and drinking?  Make sure he/she is staying hydrated if not you need to get him/her seen right away.  Do you de-worm your cat on a routine basis every few months even if he/she is a house cat.  It could be that or anything.  Only a vet can tell you.  I would definitely get the cat checked out, maybe he/she got into something you don't know about.  Again it could be anything good luck.
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Dear lisamarie1: THANK YOU very much for your answer! Smokey is in the hospital right now. He wasn't eating or drinking and he is dehydrated. The Dr. is giving him antibiotics and fluids (by IV ?). Smokey's temp. is at 103 now and the Dr. is hopeful it will keep coming down more. Well of course he's hopeful, we ALL are. And no, I haven't been de-worming him. I was not aware that he needed it. So thanks for that too. I have been letting Smokey outside and there is the thought that he ate something bad out there. I am just praying that he survives this and I will NEVER LET HIM OUTSIDE AGAIN! Thank you again for your response.

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