When Do You Stop Giving Milk To Kittens?


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You should NEVER give milk to kittens. Just ask your vet. Cow milk is not good for kittens. It will give them the runs and not leave enough nutrients behind to properly sustain the kitten. The kitten should have been weaned (eating solid food on her own) before she was given to you. If not you may have to buy very expensive kitten formula until she does eat. Feed her kitten food. It costs a little more than cat food but has the need milk proteins she need. If she doesn't want the dry food, start her with canned, but always offer a small amount of dry if that is what you want to eventually feed her. There is canned kitten food available.
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A mother cat usually weans her kittens until about 7 to 8 weeks old. Most babies need milk in the very first part of their little lives because it has the nutrients and natural fat content that their bodies need during this time of intense growth. Their bodies, after this have a harder time digesting dairy products. After this time they can begin to eat solid food.
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Milk should not be given to kittens . Once the kittens have been weaned from mum they will be perfectly healthy on kitten foods and water, which should always be provided. What people fail to realise is that milk is simply a baby food, which female mammals secrete from their mammary glands to feed their young in early infancy when liquid is the only way that such young mammals can receive food. But because of the vested interests of the big dairy establishments people are wrongly fed info that we have to have milk into and throughout  adulthood and from other species too. All species milk is different. So "cat" milk is manufactured by man and reinforces the milk myth. Please do not give her any.
    Milk is a leading cause of allergies and other ailments and so please discontinue giving your kitten milk ,which can really upset his stomach and always have water available plus of course a balanced kitten diet too.

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