My Cat And My Kitten Don't Get Along, What Can I Do?


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Well when ever you introduce a kitten or cat to your old cat then the old one will never accept the newcomer at once. For this what you can do is place both the cats in separate room where both the cats can see each other but can't come close to each other. Do this for few days so that the old one observe the new fellow. After a week or so introduce a new comer to the old one by placing it in the same room for few hours like 2 to 3 hours and then place it back to another room. After few days start increasing the hours and soon they will get use to it and will become good friends.
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Hi i have a 2 year old female cat and i have 9 week old kitten the thing is i have tried to introduce my kiitten to my cat but she hisses at him and just yesterday the kitten hissed back at her will they ever get on
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My cat is a year old my brothers kitten I don't know how old she is we have 2 other cats wen my brothers cat was first born the other2 cats hated her then later on they got along now my cat is the mother of my brothers kitten and they don't get along the answer is to just observe them make them stay apart and let them see each-other each day and they will get along might take days or weeks
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Kitty is jealous of the new kitten. The new kitten is an intruder into
the established cat's routine and household.  Cats really don't like
change very much.  You need to introduce the kitten slowly and not
force them together. Keep the kitten away from your cat's toys and bed, and try to keep the kitten away from her. Also, don't ignore your cat; pet her a lot and let
her know that you still love her and care for her. If you play with the
kitten, play with your cat, too. Let your cat retreat to her own
special places and leave her alone at times so that she can feel secure
and not threatened by the newcomer. They will get used to each other
eventually and may even become friends!
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I had that same issue when I brought Smokey home and Hooter would have nothing to do with him.....but eventually they became best buddies...then when I brought Gypsy in after her mom died, Smokey did not like her at all....they also eventually got used to one another. Now I am forstering three six week old kittens and Gypsy did not like them of first and now she loves to check on them even though she was fixed as a kitten, the instinct is still there. Just hang in there, they will adjust eventually. Just takes time and it could be the smell of the kitten.....have you bathed it yet. If it has an odor the older cat does not like, try bathing the kitten and see if that does not help the relationship. Either way it is a time thing.
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Xarsh has some good advice. 
that being said, they may never really get along.  We had two cats, ten years old.  they tolerate each other, but the female would've preferred to have been an only cat.
Last fall, we caught a feral kitten outside the house, and brought him in.  When we had the kitten in isolation, both cats seemed curious as to what was being kept in the bathroom.  Once we brought the kitten out, neither cat liked the kitten.  they've been living together for nine months now, and the female cat still doesn't like the younger cat--she tries to stay as far away from him as possible and will growl and hiss whenever she sees the younger cat--even if the younger cat doesn't even pay her any attention. 
So, it's just a matter of the older cat's personality on if she is going to want another cat around.
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I have had my one cat Tara for almost two years and in july I adopted snowflake when she was 2 months the have been living to geather for almost a year and they still hate each other
like some one else said they might not like each other at all, it could be the smell, or if you have two of the same sex and one of a different sex they might be jealous of each other
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Try and make them play with a toy they both like, keep an eye on them, make them eat together and learn to get along
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Eat him!!! Then your full and the problem is solved

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