When Do I Give My Kittens Away?


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I am not giving away our kittens till 8 weeks old. We are just approaching the three week stage now. I am keeping one of the babies myself and will be looking for a suitable home for the other three babies. Don't be afraid to ask questions to potential owners and please do not take them to a rescue. They are so over run. I know it can be hard as we were not planning on having more than two cats but when I got a call to foster another one, I discovered she was not the 8 week old kitten I was told she was but rather a 2 year old who was pregnant. So when all is said and done we will have 4 cats. If I was rich I would keep them all but this is not responsible ownership. I simply don't have the room for 7.
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Kittens should remain with mam until 8 weeks old. Also please do not give them away as they can end up in the wrong hands. Please put them through a rescue society. Finally please get mum spayed to cut down on unwanted kittens. One op. For life no kittens cheers
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You can give them away at 6 weeks but it is best to wait till they are at least 8 weeks. They are completely weened at that point and wont be as likely to try and suckle on their new owner.
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I disagree strongly with the advice that you should not give your kittens away and instead give them to a rescue society. Those places are so overburdened by animals that need homes, that the last thing you should do is send them there. If they are healthy and doing well with the mama kitty, leave them with her until they are fully weaned. This will also be less traumatic for the kittens, as they won't have to be separated from mama to go to a cage to sit in until they are adopted out. They simply go from mama to a loving new owner.

There's a reason why there are volunteer foster homes for cats. Because the centers don't have room and would euthanize them if there weren't animal lovers with big hearts willing to step in.

If you have kitties requiring more vet help than you can afford, you should contact a center and ask how they can assist. Otherwise, sell them for a small fee to ensure they go to good homes. If you can afford to do the shots and fixing them and have the new owner pay you back for it when they get the cat, that would be even better.

Cats have been having litters for thousands of years without the kittens being taken to a rescue center. It's great to have vets and rescue centers in our day and age, but let's not forget that life is organic & those places should be based on need. If you are capable of adopting the kittens out w/o using a center that would be best.

While 6 wks is the minimum age to give them away, it would be much better for everyone if they stay at least 7-8 wks. This not only allows them more time to wean, but the mama will discipline them as well & you will have time to help litter box train them so the new owners don't have to. It will yield healthier and better behaved pets - something desirable to anyone looking to adopt.
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I would give them away at 7 weeks as I have had two litters and my cat had her 3rd litter 2 weeks ago. They will be leaving in 5 weeks just under. I would NEVER give my kittens to a rescue society especially if I know that people want them and can care, love and protect them.
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You can give kitten away at 6 weeks of age, just make sure they are eating solid good.

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