When Do Buff Orpington Start To Lay Eggs?


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Mine started laying at five months. I started them on laying feed at about four months and I got my first eggs off them in the fifth month. Good luck! Don't worry if the first eggs aren't normal. Sometimes first eggs can be laid without the shell, or they may be the size of a quarter, which won't be any good, but the eggs will get better the more they lay.
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Most hens will lay any where between 16-24 weeks old.  Look at the combs and wattles.  If they are bright red and have grown quite a bit,you should start getting eggs soon.  Another way to tell if they will start laying soon,is if you see them doing the "squat"  If they are tame enough that they let you pet them,walk up and rub their back,if she starts to squat down while you are petting her,chances are,she'll be laying soon.

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As early as 16 weeks old

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