How Often Do You Feed Weaning Puppies?


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Although 4 weeks is a little early, if they're showing an interest in food you can try now. Start with a very small amount of cereal like weetabix, once a day. First thing in the morning is the best time as this gives them all day to recover if they get an upset stomach (ie diarrhoea).
Gradually build this up to larger amounts twice a day and move onto puppy food after a week or so.
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I have read a lot of pages on this and they all suggest the same form or procedure of weening pups . So here are the pages I found . Hope this helps
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We fed ours 5 times a day at first. And I wouldnt recommend human food as the digestive system just gets used to it and then when dog food is introduced you just have another stomach upset to deal with. Try a puppy chow mix and put it with some dog milk. Both of these can be bought at big pet shops. A small amount of beef is ideal in the gruel mix as it also shows that not all good things come from mom. Get mom out the way when you put food down for the pups or she'll eat it then sick it back up for them to eat. And when she has her food keep her separate from them for about an hour, however if you have reluctant pups then mother-led weaning is ideal. You are weaning a week too soon though but if they are not satisfied then its ideal...
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2-4 times a day.

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