How Do You Feed A Newborn Puppy If The Mother Has Died?


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You will have to buy puppy formulas, or search for a homemade formula. You will have to bottle feed, use a syringe(usually works better at first then the bottle) you are going to have to do some reading, this is a lot of work!!! You have to burp them, make them pee and poop. You can also try to contact someone to learn how to tube feed. This is risky so don't just wing it!!!
I am told the homemade formula is the best. You will have to start getting liquid into the little ones very soon they dehydrate very quickly!!! You can also give some pedialyte for babies to re-hydrate them. Use a little cornsyrop for energy, and because your useing formula to help with constipation.

Good Luck, I have has to bottle feed and its a lot of work.

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