How Often Do I Feed My Four Week Old Staffy?


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You should know how often you feed your staffy
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Awww. What happened? About 4 meals or so (might be more depending on how you are going about things) a day would be good if the pup is weaned or about and on actual food, it's more often if they are still on a lot of formula. You have your work cut out for you trying to teach the things they are supposed to learn from being with Dam and litter mates and none has even started yet.  Tons of luck to you.
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Thanks i think i will be fine been feeding her weetabix and warm milk and scramdled egg she been fed 3 times today my other staff is great with her too
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Having the other dog around will help a bit. Probably better if you can start a switch to actual food. You can start adding canned food so that baby is eating a more complete diet within a few days or so. Probably a little easier as well as better from a health standpoint and continue the weaning from there, won't take long. Probably won't need too much puppy formula or to have the food softer or watered down if she is eating scrambled eggs, lol. Probably will be in the dry food real soon. :-)
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How is your little darling doing?

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