How Often Do Feed A Puppy?


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Depending on the breed of puppy, when it is about 2 months old, half of a cup 3 times a day is a great starting point. If the puppy appears to be growing fat, knock the flab down to a quarter of a cup. If the puppy is still quite thin, feed it 1 cup three times a day
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Just so you are aware, puppy's need to eat quite often and smaller amounts several times a day is better than a large amount once or twice. It is also a VERY good idea to make sure you always have a bottle of pancake syrup on hand because if there's ever a time where your puppy is not wanting to eat then you should rub the syrup on her gums. That way the sugar gets into the bloodstream and your dog will not become hypoglycemic which is very serious.
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About 2-3 times a day not much
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Try giving it 1 cup of food at a time, 2 times a day to begin with. More, if it's a larger breed of dog. Most people just put a dish of food out and let the dog eat when it wants. Hope this helps.
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I have an eleven (11) month old puppy and I was wondering if feeding him once a day is the best way to go?
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At 11 months your puppy needs to eat more than once a day. At 1 year a puppy is aprox. 15 human years old. The equivalent in age of a growing teenager ! And such, need to eat, lots !!! Lol
( dogs do age 7dog years to 1human but thats after the animal is older than 4 human years.the first few years of a dogs life is not 7-1, a 1 year old dog is 15dog years a 2year old dog is 25 dog years...
If yer pup is hungry give him/her food aprox. 1 cup 3-4 x a day is good, if yer pup is getting chubby cut it back some, some dogs will overeat while others will stop when they are full.
Hope this helps !!!

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