My chihuahua had 5 puppies. It is time to start weaning. Her teats are sagging so low they almost touch the floor. What can I get her to do to tighten her skin up .She looks awful?


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Give her a couple of weeks, she'll be good has new .
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It takes some time but she will get her old figure back.  It took my female about 6 months till her teats looked like they did pre-pregnancy.
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There isn't really too much you can do. If she was in great shape and within good breeding age when bred that helps usually. It's just one of the consequences of breeding pretty much. If you are just about to start weaning the pups will still primarily nurse for a bit and as they nurse less and less they will tighten up some though small breeds can sometimes take a bit longer to wean. They will tighten up further for a bit after they pups are fully weaned. It just takes some time for their body to return to a better condition. If they remain saggy as happens with some when she is retired you can have the vet do a 'tuck' during the spay surgery.
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I need help what kind of surgery do chihuahuas need for weaning!!

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