My Dog Has Lost A Lot Of Weight And Is Basically Skin And Bones. We Thought That It Might Be Because Our Other Dogs Won't Let Her Eat. She Still Hasn't Gained Weight So We Separated Them, Why?


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My dog is pining for her mum we had to get her put to sleep 2 months ago and now my dad has gone on holiday and my dog wont eat she has lost lots of weight and is breathing very heavily could someone tell me if this is just her pining or something else wrong with her.
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She might have worms which would make her lose weight, and poss put of her food in which case you should really take her to the vet for the best diagnosis.
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There are so many factors left out. How old is your dog? Has she been with the other dogs for a long time, or is she a recent addition. This can be caused by stress if she feels she needs to compete for food, it could be parasites, could be age, could be something more serious. It could be a blockage in her intestines - does she eat odd things? Best bet is to bring your girlt o a vet and explain all the symptoms, they may want to do an x-ray and possibly take blood - maybe even hold her for observation for a few days. Good luck and please get her in soon so you won't have a more serious problem on your hands.

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