My Cat Has Lost A Lot Of Weight, But Is Constantly Eating. What's Wrong With My Cat?


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I believe if you take your cat to a Vet they will find a kidney dysfunction or failure. The same happened to my cat, although my cat is 27 years old (the oldest recorded cat in America by the way). Missy had become skin and bones but all of a sudden was driven to eat and drink lots of water. The Vet discovered kidney failure and suggested that we give her subcutaneous water injections under the skin. I told them that there was no way I was going to torture my cat in this way (the subcut injections take up to 5 min a day) because obviously at 27 years old she has led a long life and was entitled to die a normal death from kidney failure.

That was a year ago and Missy is still eating strong (I feed her smaller amounts of cat food, feed her about 6 times a day, and mix a couple of tablespoons of water in her food), and she drinks lots of water. I now buy various different brands of cat food as she is elderly and has lost some tastebuds. She hasn't put much of any weight on but her coat looks healthier and she is playing with her toy mouse again and walks the perimeter of the yard.
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Oldest reported cat in America is in her 30s. I saw several cats over 27 in cat fancy this year! ;)
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My cat will be 20 this summer and has the same issue--eating constantly but is still very skinny although he used to be a fat cat. Poops and pees all the time (he is also stone deaf and half blind with cataracts)  At last checkup (last fall) the vet said he didn't have worms and kidney disease was in the very early stages.  He said it was probably a thyroid problem but he thought doing the testing could stress the cat too much.  The answer is just to keep him eating, try food for older cats and foods with plenty of moisture in them, and not to worry unless he stops drinking and peeing, which is indicative of kidney problems.
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She could have parasites in her gut - tapeworm will absorb all the nutrients from the food, making the cat very hungry but never benefiting from the food she eats. You should take her to a vet - if you can't afford the bills, look up animal rescue shelters on the internet, there's bound to be some in your area, and ask them if they can help you find cheap medical care for your cat. In the UK we have some big charitable organisations, for instance the Blue Cross, or the People's Dispensary for Animals, who will only ask for a donation, or charge a small fee.
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Hi there. When I read this, I thought I was reading about my own cat. She's about 13, has lost weight but is eating a lot. I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow ~ I will let you know what was diagnosed. However, you should take your cat to the vet asap as well. Good luck.
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I have 3 cats and one of them is going on 15 years old ! A year ago he started to loose weight and he eats practically only (holistic select soft  food ) there is  lots of water in soft food and he drinks a lot of water , he is skin and bones !  HES OLD !!! That it ! Soooo as long as he eats and drink , that find by me ! Hes got no pain , than let him be ! Until you see sign different than that .
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You might want your cat checked for worms as these pesky little things can cause your cat to lose weight and eat just as much or even more.
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My cat is 15 yrs old he eats all time then throw it up  as soon as he eats  he lost a lot of weight.
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My male cat Jim is coming up 18 years old and he's just had a complete checkup as being a semi long-haired cat he was quite large. However he's lost a lot of weight over the past few months despite eating nonstop all day. Then he drinks water and out to the garden to pee and the routine is repeated all day. Vet said blood tests were fine and that kidneys were ok, diabetes was ruled out and thyroid level was only slightly up
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My cat this spring lost a lot of weight and I gave her medicine for worms and she is now a health weight and she has a shiny coat.
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I had an older Maine Coon who ate non stop and everything went right through him. He never made it to the kitty litter. I took him to the Univ. Of Penn hospital. They told me had a hyperactive thyroid  the operation they performed was to cure 95% of cats. My Tommy was one of the 5%. I'm sure your baby will be fine.
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The reason for weight loss is negative caloric balance. The simple reason is that more calories are being burnt than the calories being taken in. There can be three conditions in weight loss.
1-Appetite Normal,

The causes are
Disorder because of poor absorption of food etc

For detailed information, visit the following link.
Weight Loss in Cats
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Another reason for her weight loss may be worms, when inside a cat's system they can absorb all of the nutrients a cat needs, therefore slowly starving it to death. Worms can be treated with over the counter cat wormers from your local Wal-Mart.
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My 13 year old cat Montana was having problems he had a herninated disc in his back. The vet put him on prednizone which i was very familiar with since my son has asthma. But i was used to them only giving humans like it for only a week.

He was put on it for a month, he lost all feeling in his lil back legs, tail and would drag them on the floor. He could not go to the bathroom right, i had to try and feed him by a syringe with baby food and water.

Please see a vet.

I have lost two cats whom I loved with all my heart within two years. Montana died this aug. He was sick like for only two months and was gone.

My prayers are with you and your baby.

Hugs, Fury
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She could have hyperthyroidism - It's optimal to have a minimum data base done (ie CBC, chemistry panel, T4, and a urinalysis)... It's always best to start with a full physical exam though first...
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My cat (15) was becoming skinny, started nosing around anything and everything to put in her mouth, and wasn't really taking to her dry food anymore. I read countless articles on what could be wrong. My vet was stumped. To make a long story short, I took her to a new vet, they ran proper blood tests on her again, but this time added in an extensive thyroid test. I'm not sure if or why the first vet didn't get results from my cat's previous test, but the new vet said it's definitely hyper thyroidism. The only managing treatment was a pill once a day or a topical treatment on her ears twice a day. It's like a lotion that you put on the ear, but you have to be extremely careful not to expose yourself to it and have to wear finger gloves. Her energy increased and she's been doing much better. She still has episodes of wondering around for food and wants cat grass a lot. I think some of it has to do with malnutrition or vitamin deficiency as well. At first I tried changing up her diet, but in older cats, that can be a bad thing. Hope some of this helps.

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My found cat had 4 kittens 5 weeks ago and started bleeding, can't tell if the blood is coming from her rectum or genitals,  she eats well & acts healthy but is skin and bones. I had wormed her when I got her and have since wormed her and her kittens. Her kittens still nurse but have been feeding them canned and dry kibble and they are healthy and fat.

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I'm thinking it could be the thyroid. When the thyroid is overactive a cat will do that. Before mine was diagnosed, she couldn't eat enough.
But that would have to be confirmed with a vet. He can prescribe medicine.
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Or per my vet who now wants to do a 350 ultrasound after blood and UA came out fine. Possible cancer in my 18 yr old. Always hungry and weight lose, nothing but skin and bones.
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Fluffy is 14 yrs he has lost a lot of weight but he is always eating and drinking water.
I don't want to put him through testing he is too frail for that ..can you suggest something
for him.

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