My Dog Has Red Sore Patches All Over Her Stomach, Her Legs And Under Joints. It Makes Her Really Itchy,she Has No Fleas. What Might Be The Problem?


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The red spots could be a variety of so many different conditions, or even simply bites. But, it is generally a good idea to get your dog checked out at the vet’s to ensure it is nothing serious.  Depending on where you live and how big the spots are they could be a long list of different ailments. Here is a list of some of the conditions it could be:

Tick carried disease such as; Lyme diseas or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Black fly or deer fly bites
Mange mite infection
Blood clotting

If your dog is showing other symptoms or appears to be in pain or suffering from discomfort it is also advised to get to a vet’s immediately. If the spots are a sign of an illness, the sooner the dog gets treated and/or antibiotics, the more effective and quicker the recovery will be and the risks of permanent damage will be decreased greatly.

It is always recommended that if you are worried about your pet and think that he or she may be in pain to take it to the vet’s straight away for a check up. If you are worried about vet’s fees and are receiving benefits then you may be entitled to free veterinary treatment for your animal through charities such as the RSPCA, Blue Cross and PDSA. Look at their websites for more information about the nearest clinic to you.
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Staffies are a well know breed for allergies and skin conditions. The location of the rash suggests that it is more or likely a contact allergy. The fact it's in summer and spring is probably due to the increase in pollen in the air.

There are a few things that you can try to help your dog before taking him to the vet. Product name will vary depending on your location. The product that I tend to recommend is "Malaseb" which is a medicated wash. It's active ingredients are Chlorhexidine and Miconazole so you should be able to find something with similar ingredients wherever your from. It's an anti-bacterial, anit-fungal and anti prurtic (stops the itch). Often when you get these allergies the skin gets inflamed and you end up with a secondary infection, which is what this particular product will help to treat and/or prevent. Use it weekly.

If it doesn't clear up or it gets worse, talk to your vet. They can give you a something like Prednisolone or Macrolone which will help him out a lot.

Hope this helps!!
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You should give complete details of your dog's problem like scratching, feeding habits/diets, appetite, hair loss, smelly coat, excessive breathing etc. As I can not have physical examination of your dog, so, giving you some reasons of these bumps on your dog. These bumps can be due to
  1. Allergy due to foods, pollens, medicines and chemicals
  2. Allergic reactions due to insect bite
If it is allergy then first of all remove allergen that are causing this condition and use topical steroids and oral antihistamines. Sometimes, poor dietary conditions also cause hives in dogs and can be treated with good healthy diet. But ideally, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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If you look closely, there might be little brown dots on the red spots or your dog itches itself like crap, or possibly blood clots
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Physical examination and some blood tests are necessary to find out the proper cause of lip swelling and bumps on the body. Your dog might be having some allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can  be due to food, medicines, chemicals and toxins. So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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My dog has the same problem she has had them for a while now and there getting really big. One looks like it had fallen out or something just a big red hole in her stomach. She has at least 5 of them. I pore hydrogen peroxide on the open sores. But some one can you please help.?? Its getting worse
I'm also trying to get her to a vet but no money
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Or could be that the dog is having an allergic reaction
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My dog had these sores on her stomach constantly.  They would heal up and she would get more.  I thought it might be a food allergy and I was right.  I stopped giving her those green dingo sticks and just gave her milk bone dog biscuits for treats and the problem cleared right up.  She hasn't had any sores since I stopped the dingo sticks. Don't give your dog any treats with artificial colors or flavors and I bet the sores will go away.  Good Luck.

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At first I was thinking a cyst, but it is a sore, so that can't be it. I really think you should get the pup to the vet to find out what it really is, maybe they will take a biopsy if they don't know what it is.
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She could possibly be a allergy kid or she can be allergic to fleas were it just takes one about like us with a bee sting if you are highly allergic.. ... But some things you can try at home for allergies is go to  chicken and rice or lamb and rice based food. It will take 6 to 8 wks for the beef proteins to get out of her system don't put any beef in her mouth watch your treats to.... The reason I say this is some dogs are food allergic beef corn and wheat ... So we will eliminate the beef .... Hard to the corn and wheat... Then you can also give some chlorophenarimine tablets also know as chlorotrimatone or chloro histamine. They are 5 mg tabs I believe not a high dosage
give one tablet two to three times daily for itching. This hopefully will help you..
You can give benedryl based on how big the dog is but I don't know so I wont tell you that.  hope I have helped
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Regarding the open, red sores I believe they are seasonal allergies of somesort.  I have a Bishon - Shi-tsu mix and this is the first year he has had this.  Although I have not taken him to the vet I have learned about this condition from a neighbor with a small dog with the same problem and told me what the vet said.  Suggested 2 benedryl tablets - twice daily (morning and evening) along with a 1 zyrtec or another allergy tablet.  Her vet actually gives her dog a cortizone shot - but my dog is 30ish lbs. And I rub cortizone cream on him.  The vet said the only problem with the cream is that it can cause bacteria from the fur to the cream?  Since we shaved our dog down that isn't true for us.  This makes a world of difference for our dog.  Good luck I hope this helps.  The allergy meds. Are important but the cortizone is key in calming the itching and making the sore go away.
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My dog is a chihuahua of 11 pounds. He is 20 months old. Just recently he has gotten blister like sores and red areas on his stomach area. And he keeps chewing at them. He doesn't go outside because of the fleas, so he doesn't have fleas. He uses the bathroom on his pads. Can you tell me what you think it might be?
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Mine dogs sores were diagnosed as a lymphoma cancer- untreatable.  Malaseb patches aid in soothing further complications, but they will continue to grow/bleed/spread.

   To be sure, have a vet take a fluid sample of the sore and diagnose it under a microscope! They can
tell by the cell shape what's the problem.
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Benedryl, cheap and effective. Worked over night on my great danes belly rash. Its 100% safe look it up online or call a vet and ask. 1mg to 1lb of body weight if its the pill, I prefer the creme.
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It sounds like ringworm, you should take the pup to the vet to make sure, and treat her for them. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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Well, it may be because of rubbing under the joints like legs and arms...this will usually happen to people that have fatty thighs, when they rub
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Oh don't worry at all its probably just acne or allergies don't worry just call the vet and they will check her out that happened to my white pitbull its ok
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If she is female, they are nippies, dogs unlike people who only have two have several because their littres are larger.  They give birth to 4 to 6 pups while we usually only have one baby, if not a female, have it checked out by a vet
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If they  look  like  a  round worm shape
she   could  have  ringworm
Its  common  in   monkeys  and  also
humans  can  catch  it  

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