My Dog Is Drinking A Lot Of Water, And Is Losing Weight. He Doesn't Have His Usual Energy. What Should I Do?


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I had this happen to my 10yr old rotty and he had internal bleeding due to a tumor which later I found out could have been from a poison mouse. We live next to a farm. He dropped weight in less than 1 1/2 wks.Vet wanted over $ 2000 to help him w/50-50 chance. He could hardly move. Broke my heart. Please people stop using poison use traps. Even though it wasn't me - my neighbor uses it. At any sign of illness get your pet to the vet!!!! They love us so much back!!!!
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My dog recently went through this and I was very concerned, took her to the vet the only thing you can do. She was sick she had a fever and needed antibiotics,full 10 ten treatment she's now fine again...go go go
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Get your dog tested for diabetes...they have the same symptoms that people do when they are diabetic and even given insulin...My cockapoo was diabetic and I gave her 2 shots a day till she passed away at age 14yr.  ...christineandsadie

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