Dog Won't Eat Or Drink And Is Lethargic With Weakness. What Could It Be?


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My dog won't eat or drink. What can I do?

Puppies, especially labs, are notorious for getting into trouble. Common problems that cause lethargy, anorexia, and gastrointestinal symptoms include:

  • Vomiting/diarrhea.
  • Dietary indiscretion (eating garbage or things from the yard).
  • Foreign body obstruction.
  • In an unvaccinated dog parvovirus is always a concern when they don't feel well and have gastrointestinal signs.
Any pet that gets sick is at risk of dehydration and hypoglycemia that make them feel even worse. After 3 days your dog is definitely dehydrated and will need fluid therapy.

I am concerned that your dog seems weak. Sometimes injuries can be painful enough that they are lethargic and stop eating. Usually they exhibit more signs of pain-limping, vocalization etc.

You can try Pepcid 10mg tablets: Give 1.5 tablets by mouth twice daily. This will calm the stomach and encourage appetite. If you dog is not vomiting you can force feed water or Pedialyte and canned food watered down in the form of a gruel.

I strongly recommend having him examined by a veterinarian. Most diseases that are mild and self-limiting resolve in 1-2 days.
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My husband found where he had gotten himself into the utility shed. There were a couple of bags of insecticide with teeth marks on them but not tore open. Since I wrote he has vomited and has a really nasty projected bowlmovement. As soon as I found out about the bags being bitten, I called the Vet for advise. I then forcefed him the pedalyte and, as you recommended also, the watered down canned food. I am happy to report that , after the vet examination this morning, he is on a shaky start to hopefully a full recovery. He has himself been drinking from his water bowl. Dr. Seller's also warned me about him getting the shakes, to cover him with a blanket, and if he "fainted" which could be a coma, to call him as i was on my way to his office. I don't think I have to worry about the coma part by his reactions this morning. He really is moving around more, I know he is still weak, but it doesn't seem to be a bad as the last 3 days. Do you think the Pepcid would help at this point, I can only guess that by his still curling when he is resting that his stomach still hurts a little. Thank you very much for your help. I still cry at the thought of losing my best buddy in my life, and I hurt for him also. Thank you Ms Ann, for every thing!
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If he is still nauseous the Pepcid will help. I am glad he is feeling better. It is scary when our good buddies are sick!
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My puppy won't eat or drink and is lethargic. Why?

It is common complain of owners that their dog is not eating, drinking or walking. There can be many reasons of this condition.

  • Your dog is injured although minor. If he bleed even a small amount of blood during fight then it is possible that he may not eat or drink. Because he can feel odor of blood in food and water. But living without or less eating can be dangerous for him because it can lead to weight loss.

  • Your dog is lethargic and sitting all the day at one place because of pain injury. He might has got some internal injury which you can not see.
Thorough examination by the vet is necessary to find out any underlying cause. If these conditions persist more than twenty four hours then it is necessary to take him to vet for diagnosis of the problem.
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Change the pup's food from what maybe supplied. Puppy Chow semi-hard should be considered. Wash the food & water bowls with hot water to disinfect. Supply a lot of fresh/clean water for drinking. If no improvement, get the puppy in for a professional exam.

Don't wait more than five days from the start of this problem.
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Cool nose is good. If is just the runs I would say yeah, it was the cat food. Their digestive systems are different so they will have that kinda problem. The vomiting I'm not sure. But if it stopped I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe she got over-heated or something. Make sure she doesn't get into anything else funky to eat!
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Like everyone said your dog is sick. You might can call your local dog shelter and they might can tell you a vet that takes emergencies at night they would have info for all of the vets around you. They might also tell you what you can do until you get the dog to the vet. Our local animal shelter has a number you can call all hours of the night. I have called them because of my dog getting sick and they helped me out.
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Your dog is lethargic, that is why unable to move and not eating. Vomiting foam in dogs can be due to a life threatening condition called bloat. During this condition, gases are filled in the stomach after eating. These gases put pressure on the surrounding organs and stomach can be twisted. This condition can be due to

1. Rapid eating
2. Overeating
3. Nervousness
4. Stress
5. Dry foods
6. All other foods which can cause irritation in GI tract

So, you should take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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Time to get to an emergency vet clinic. Quickly identify any potential poisons that your animal may have gotten a hold of nuts, chocolate, antifreeze, household chemicals, household plants, or rat poison etc. And take this information with you. If your pet has been poisoned than the quicker that you react the better your animals chances are for recovery otherwise he/she may not make it through the next 24 hours.

Hurry for your pets sake!!! This could be the precursor to shock that results from respiratory failure (not breathing from severe allergic reaction or poisoning).
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Might have got into something with poison in it or on it. Need to take to a vet. Because vomit ting will cause your dog to become dehydrated or may die.
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You need to call your veterinarian or emergency clinic if necessary and your vet has already closed and is not on call and talk to them about it. Those aren't symptoms you want to play wait and see with usually and tens to mean something is very wrong and your pup probably needs to be seen asap but you can always try asking first. Hope she's okay and feeling better very soon.
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There are several things that may have happened to your dog. This could be a vascular event (stroke), vestibular event (affects the balance centers), a traumatic injury, infectious disease of the central nervous system, neoplasia of the central nervous system, or metabolic problem that has altered the body chemistry leading to neurological problems. Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian. Inability to urinate can be an emergency situation.
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There could be a lot of things wrong. She could have a bladder problem or something to do with her kidneys. I suggest go to your local vet immediately and get her checked out!
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Always take your dog to a vet, even without an appointment if you have to. It could be anything from cancer to something as simple as worms. The thing is even if it is expensive, you can often work out a payment schedule with them. At worst, the dog would need to be put down in a humane and compassionate manner. At best, a couple of pills and an office visit will save him from suffering.
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I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but you will need to get him to a vet as soon as possible, they might need to put him on a drip. It sounds like he could have picked up cat flu. I don't mean to alarm you, but dogs can die from this if symptoms are not taken care of asap. The best thing you can do right now for him and yourself is get him to a vet to see what is wrong with him, so he can get antibiotics and the care he needs, and for you to have peace of mind. Hope everything will be ok.

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