My brother's giving me his lizard but I don't know what kind it is & it's not eating right and has lost a lot of weight, so I'm kind of lost on how to help it. Anyone an expert with lizards?


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skyler mcCoy
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hey that is a beard dragon lizards
Pete Horne
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Ah dinni think this is a beardie, looks more like some kind o gecko. Ah got 2 beardies masel an if they ain't eatin well, ah try a shallow look warm bath, only deep to the lizards shoulder. This can rehydrate them an perk them up. If the lizard is tame, spend some time with him/her resting on your shoulder an chest. They will usually cling on almost vertical so no need to worry about them falling (altho ya should always be ready tae catch should they lose their grip). They get comfort from the warmth o yer body an the steady beat o yer heart. If yer lizard still does not perk up, it may be best for a vet visit.
When feeding, always remember tae use a calcium powder (calcii-dust is what I use) and there's a calcium balancer powder with multivitamin supplement that is good for them.
If feeding live foods, it's handy tae gut load the crickets etc. ya can get food full of nutrition for bugs, but I just use various fresh veg shredded.
This is all info for a bearded dragon. Not sure if it's the same for a gecko, if that's what u have, but if can't see how it would be much different. Still, hope it helps.
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hey why u have the lizards any way u should give the two lizards to the vet
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I had a Bearded Dragon, and now have 2 Uromastyx lizards (there cousins.) But it is not one of those :/

I'll help yah though! I'm not that much of a lizard expert, but i'm fascinated with them, I've researched for years about lizards - still do. I've had 3 different types of frogs, all sorts of pets.
Anyway! If you tell me more about him/her..

What your lizard looks like.. Make it detailed as possible please! -
It's colors, for example is it grey, yellow, brown, spots... You get the idea. Lol

What else is on the lizards skin? Like Spikes, but where? Near the ears, tail, head... Arms.....? Elsewhere? 

What does it eat? Lettuce, crickets, Both? Something else?

Its habits? Is it alert when you come in the room? Does it sleep a lot? Doesn't eat as much when you first got it?
Anything extra you can give me!!  Take your time to think, don't rush to answer. A lot of info is good for researching.
I'm a pretty good researcher, once I start researching I don't give up until I have the answer, 80% of the time lol.


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