My Dog Has Nasal Congestion. What Can I Do To Help Relieve It? My Dog Has Been Wheezy And Congested And I Don't Know What To Do To Help Relieve The Congestion. We Took Her To A Vet And She Gave Us Antibiotics And We Gave Them To Her But She Is Still


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Antibiotic's can take some time to build up in the system and work and aren't an immediate thing if they were prescribed recently (clavamox and good luck). You don't really want to give her much of anything besides her antibiotic's at this point unless prescribed as actual suppression (such as with our med's) can lead to pneumonia. If it becomes too much of a danger (i.e. Breathing or collapsed trachea) your vet might prescribe something at that point. You can try using a vaporizer with some of the vick's product's in it or a couple drop's of eucalyptus oil (bath and body shop's sometimes carry the oils) or similar. Make sure she can't get to it of course. :-) If your very concerned or believe she's getting worse or anything call your vet and speak to them about it. I hope she's feeling better soon.

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