What Is The Average Height And Weight Of A Red Nosed Pit Bull?


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The American Red-Nosed Pit Bull Terrier ranges from 18 to 22 in (46-56 cm) in height, and anywhere between 22 to 110 lbs (10-50 kg). The most common range in weight is between 35 and 55 pounds (16-25 kg), revealing a disparity between the ‘average’ dog and the more extremely heavy, though rare, examples of the breed.

It is a common misconception that the red-nosed pit bull is an extremely heavy, massively muscled breed, when in fact; the heavier examples tend to have been those that have been cross-bred specifically for this purpose with other, brawnier varieties. Originally bred as fighting dogs, the red-nosed pit bull was originally bred not for brawn, but for relatively small size (between 20-40 inches or 9-18 kg), in line with the characteristics of other terrier breeds.

This is gradually increasing over time, as breeders select for different qualities now that dog-fighting is illegal, and illegal dog fights have moved towards using bigger, more muscular animals. The over-breeding of pit bulls for aggression and greater size has also been a contributory factor in giving the dogs a bad reputation in the 21st century, following a number of highly publicized attacks by pit bulls, or, in some cases, other dogs which were wrongly reported to be pit bulls, on other pets or human beings.

In the UK, pit bull ownership is now banned, and there have been moves to impose the same sort of ban in several states of the US, despite the breed itself scoring strongly in the American Temperament Society assessments (86 per cent as opposed to 87.3 per cent for the far less controversial Golden Retriever). However, correct and regular exercise is necessary to burn off the pit bulls’ energy to avoid build-ups of frustration, irrespective of their size.
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These dogs are non aggressive to humans and its normal height is 18-22 inches and weight should be 35-36 pound of a male American red nose pit bull. They are athletic digs and sports dogs. They are working dogs and are suitable for long work.
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Are you positive about this answer? Because I've seen a lot of pictures and they all look larger than that. My dog is about 25-26 inches to his shoulders and between 85 and 90 lbs with a red nose, large head, wide mouth, reddish-brown coarse coat, and amber eyes. He's also very lovable and great with my kids and other dogs.
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"Red nose" or "blue nose" is not a breed. It's just the coloring. You should find out what kind of pit bull you have such as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Terrier etc... "Pit bull" is an umbrella term for multiple breeds.
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That all depends on the bloodline.
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My girl is a full bread red nose apbt and she is currently 45 lbs at 7 months. My other female is 8 years and shes around 60lbs, she is a black apbt. It really does depend on the bloodline, how much her parents weigh and their parents parents as well. My friend has a red nose male and he weighs almost 80lbs at 1yr and his other red nose weighs 50 at 3 yrs. But the average is about 50-100 I would guess
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I have a male rednose pure bred who weighs 135 lbs. He's not real tall nor short. But he is verry masculin. Every one who see's him says he looks like a monster. Lol.
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It depends on what type of Red it is. My female is about 80 pounds and is about mid-thigh high on me and I'm 5'6". She is a stray so I am not sure what exact breed she is of Pit. But my friend has one that is a staffordshire "red" pit and he is only about 55 pounds and is really short.
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An american pitbull terrior male shouldnt weigh more then 75 & a female shouldnt weigh more then 55 maybe 60 if shes chunky,any heavier there was a bulldog or mastiff in the blood,a dog being purebred doesnt mean anything
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The dog's color has nothing do with its adult size, and "red-nose" is just a color, caused by a recessive gene. It is NOT a separate breed from any other American Pit Bull Terrier. The United Kennel Club publishes a standard which describes the ideal example of this breed, and this is what is says about size: "The American Pit Bull Terrier must be both powerful and agile so actual weight and height are less important than the correct proportion of weight to height. Desirable weight for a mature male in good condition is between 35 and 60 pounds. Desirable weight for a mature female in good condition is between 30 and 50 pounds. Dogs over these weights are not to be penalized unless they are disproportionately massive or rangy.

Very Serious Fault:
Excessively large or overly massive dogs." As you can see, this is NOT supposed to be a huge breed.
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The average weight...... I would say around the estimate of 50 pounds cause I am scientist
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My rednose female is 66 pounds at 6 months old. That is way over average though. Females should be around55- 60 lbs full grown and males 65- 70
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It depends on the bloodline, and red nose is just a color and has nothing to do with how big it will be. My pitbull is 55 lbs at 8 months. Pitbulls can be from 40 lbs to 90 lbs...but it all depends on the bloodline.
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My female is 6 months old and is 33 lbs. She was the smallest puppy out of the litter. At 3 months she was only 15 lbs. The vet told us she would be near 50 lbs but I know there is never a sure way of knowing how big they will get. OUr male red nose was 65 lbs at the age of 6 he was bulky not to tall but not short.
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I have a 11 month old purebred Giant Red Nose Pit and she weighs 80lbs and is still growing. But it really does depend on the parents. My pits dad is 150lbs and is a champion weight puller. He can pull 1100lbs.
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Well it depends on the bread because there is more then one such as the mexican red nose (which I own one) and the american red nose terrier ( I own two of that breed) my mex is almost3 and he weighs about 95 lbs and both of my Americans weigh around 80-90 lbs at 2 years old
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All pitbulls are different just like different kinds you can never say if and what they are going to weigh!...depends what you feed it and what the gender is too ...so many factors can play a role in what they are going to weigh but one again you can never say what breed will weigh what!

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