How Does A Lab And A Pit Bull Mix Look Like?


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A black Labrador and Pit bull mix is a dog that has the general appearance of a Labrador but its frame is slightly stockier. The dog has shorter legs, a shorter tail and a rounder body. The face of a Labrador Pit bull mix has the shape of a Labrador but some of the facial features of a Pit bull. Images of the dog can be found by searching for it online. An example can be found here:
  • Labrador.
Labrador Retrievers are a type of gun dog that are characteristic for their webbed paws, which they use for swimming. This is a characteristic that is useful for their original purpose of retrieving fishing nets.

In terms of registered ownership, Labradors are the most popular dog within Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. They are also one of the most popular assisting dogs, in particular for the blind, in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. They are also used widely by the police and other authorities for their working abilities and detection skills. Labradors are very athletic and are soft and safe around children.
  • Pit bull.
A pit bull is one of the several breeds of dogs within the Molosser breed group. They are a breed that are restricted within a number of countries and states. Some pit bulls are used as police dogs, therapy dogs or companion dogs. In the 19th century, English pit bulls were used as part of bull baiting and bear baiting events. Pit bulls are known for their vicious and aggressive nature.

Labrador and pit bull mixes avoid the restrictions of pure pit bulls and are more mild mannered in their temperament. Their appearance has a fairly even distribution of characteristics from both breeds, each of which are quite distinct.
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My dog is half pit half lab and he has the coat length and texture, temperament and body structure of a lab but he weighs only 55lbs, much smaller than his purebred lab brother whom is 85, he is also shorter than his brother, but just as long. He has a massive pit head though, big block jaw and a lot of extra skin around the cheeks and neck, though you wouldn't know unless you grabbed at it, unlike his brother whom has those neck flaps/folds on the underpart. His coat is black base with brindle legs, face, and tail and he has white toe and chest, his eyes are chocolate brown. He is a very high energy dog and will fetch a ball for hours. He loves to swim, go on bike rides, is great with other dogs and cats, wonderful with kids, though toddlers tend to scare him. He is CGC certified and was after only owning him for 6 months, before he was even a year old. So while he can be over excited and hyper active for the most part he is also very intelligent and easily worked. But before he got his brother he was destructive if left home alone and not in a crate. Now he is perfectly fine, does not touch a thing. My neighbor also has a lab/pit mix whom looks nothing like him, looks like him like he is more pit than anything else just much bigger than your average ABT.
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I have a half Lab half Pitt, he has all the features of a Lab, he weighs 81lbs, his fur is just like a labs, he is tall when he stands, he has the ears and eyes of a Lab, the only feature that gives him away is his large head.
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This depends on what dog gets what characteristics. I once saw a lab with a huge square jaw, turns out he was half pitbull and lab. But you can never be sure

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