How Do I Tame My Dog Please I Need To Know How!


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You have one hyper puppy on your hands.  Allow me to give you some tips...  1) never hit your dog.  You want her respect, not her fear.  2) think of your dog as a 2 year old that never gets older.  She can learn some things, but expect her to forget from time to time and to test her boundaries.  Now, let's get you some tools to correct her behavior.  1) get a puppy crate (large enough that she can comfortably stand and lay down in it.  2) a spray bottle  3) some vinegar  4) some dog treats.  You will use a combination of of negative and positive reinforcement.  When she behaves in a way you do not care for that is annoying, but not harmful. Immediately stop Play or paying special attention to her. Firmly tell her "NO."  Grasp her muzzle in your hand and spray her lips 1 or 2 times with vinegar.  Then walk away from her.  Your tone is very important.  Keep your tone low and do not smile.  A dog can sense when you are not pleased.  With multiple infractions or more serious ones i.e. Biting, immediately tell her know and put her in her crate.  As you do, tell her, "Get in your crate!"  In the same tone as you are telling her no.  Eventually you will not have to take her to the crate and just tell her to go!  It is VERY important that you reward her for behaving the way you want!  Give her attention, pets and treats!  She will quickly get the idea of what gets her treats and what gets a squirt!    Hope this helped!
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I only wanted to train my dog for the things I needed not any other reason I never hit him . Starting very young I would repeatedly move him from any place he shouldn't be . I'd talk in a high voice and praise him , give him treats etc, when he obeyed or even was accidentally doing right. Praise , bones, petting , and short scolding on a consistent basis worked for Henry (my dog) but he was so smart. Maybe I was trained. He grew to be so huge  people would comment when he'd almost set his big paw in my flower bed and leave it up to turn and look at me before getting his footing. Miss  him
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If it is a small dog I would recommend holding her and patting her.. But if it is large nudge her a Lil to make her lie down n gently rub her.. Also give them treats when they are not being so hyper.. As for when they r give them a hateful tone so they will understand that it isn't playtime..

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