What Is Best Age To Mate My Dog?


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Females can come into heat as early as 6 months of age but between 8-12 months is more normal.  They can physically become pregnant when they start having heat cycles.  It is better to wait until they are full grown before placing the demands of pregnancy on their body--at least 1 year of age.
Males come to sexual maturity at about the same time.  Some will show mating behavior even younger.  Some males are not very good at breeding until they are 1.5-2 years of age.  Immature males may not be aware of how to mate and breeding is unsuccessful.
Both male and female should be examined by a veterinarian before breeding to make sure they do not have any hereditary conditions that may be passed on.

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A female dog has 2 reproductive cycles in a year from the age of puberty which is 7-10 months in average. Some dogs do not mate until 2 years because of their cycle. In my opinion, it should be more than 1 year. Number of babies varies. Check the following link for more information.
Dog Mating
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2 to 4 years is best
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Females should not be bred until they are at least 18months old
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I think when she goes in heat you can mate her ...but some don't I could mate my dog until she was 5yrs old ...she would let me ...
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I have a chi female, and a male who just became 6 months is it possible my daisy get preg.
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Your dog might be able to mate... If she had a bad medical history I would try not to but if she is younger than 5 and below she can be able to mate because my dog is 5 and 1 half and she is mating with my dog via Zorg mating with gidget she can mate because she has had a stupendous medical history... I would try it if you think your dog is up for it.Also if she has one puppy it is a 50% chance he/she could die because the dog moves around to much
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Just how old are you at present! The assumption is, that you might be referred to or thought of as the "Grandmother" in all of this bewilderment?

Depending on the young lady's health and breed of course your future thoughts of where the grand kids will be taking up permanent residence...you might wait till the maiden has reached a ripe old age of 18 months before she would be a mother for her first and only brood! There is a real need to have more animals produced?
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Puppies shouldn't mate, that's why they are called PUPPIES!!!! Wait until they are grown, and they will know exactly what to do!!!

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