Which Breed Of Dog Is Nearest To The Wolf?


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If you mean what LOOKS most like a wolf, then it would be one of the sled dog breeds.
There are 2 breeds recognised in Europe which are part wolf and are used for police dogs. One is the Sarloos wolf dog, and the other is the Czechoslovakian wolf dog. Neither make especially good pets, being a bit too wary, like the wolf.
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The German Shepherd or Alsatian is a breed of dog nearest to the wolf. German Shepherd is a strong, large dog that looks very similar to a wolf. They vary in colour but the most common ones are brown or tan. They can also be seen in white or solid black. They have a thick coat of fur (double coat) and can be long or short haired.

German Shepherds are often used as military dogs, search and rescue, guard dogs or police dogs. They also used as guide dogs because they can be easily trained in protection and obedience. They can be trained to attack and release on command. These dogs are bred for their working drive, consistent temperament and intelligence. Originally German Shepherds were used to herd cattle or sheep. They were required to guide the cattle and act as a shepherd. According to American Kennel Club statistics, German Shepherds are one of the most popular breed of dog in the US.

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Find that hard to believe, Alaskan huskies are much more wolf like in behavior and heritage than German Shepherds, which themselves are were developed relatively recently (late 1800s) as a cross of several older German Breeds: Rottweilers and others.
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I think a husky is closest to the wolf.

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