Which Dog Breed Is The Best For A Small Farm With Goats And Chickens?


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Karen Allison answered
My Border collie killed twenty of my chickens on x-mass eave. I think it has to do with training. I got the Border collie from my brother when he could no longer care for her. I would put my money on a good mutt any day. Find a couple breads mixed, that will turn the temperament to what your family needs.
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mark stewart answered
A great paranoeas (sorry for the spelling) is always a good choice,all though it is not a small breed.and they will stay with the live stock if raised with them.
kristófer gunnarsson Profile
I would think it is a border collie.
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The central Asian shepherd dog or Alabai is the best to protect live stocks.They are large and only 2 dogs can protect a 100 sheeps.

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The best would be a german shepard the are really good with kids and animals
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Chelsey Erstad answered
Anatolian Shepherd, aslong as you are willing to train. They're big, very smart dogs that should have discipline and training early.
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Have you considered a maremma? They are able to be trained by living with a herd of any animal that you want them to protect. Once properly trained, they are supposed to be the best guard dog for protecting your small/young livestock against fox or dog attacks.

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