My Dog Has Red Round Spots On Her Belly By Her Private Area And Up By Her Front Legs. What Could This Be And Should I Get To A Vet?


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With anything that is causing concern about your dog you should seek medical advice from your vet immediately.

Spots and skin rashes on dogs can mean something rather serious; however, it could just be a mild irritant that may well pass. Flea and mosquito bites often leave great big red spots where they have bitten or sucked the blood of the dog so it could that this is the cause. However, it could be something a bit more serious such as a staph infection.

Therefore as stated earlier it should be your priority to take your dog to the vets, although you may believe you are doing the right thing in reseasrching it first. You may actually end up mis-diagnosing it and believing it is nothing and so not taking the dog to the vets. This could be a grave mistake and so the risk is not worth it when it comes to your family pet.

If you can't get to the vets for some reason then most vets will actually go out on call if it is seen as somewhat of an emergency. Therefore ring the vets up and ask if they are able to do a home visit as soon as possible.
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This is a definite possibility.  She may have a “contact allergy”, especially if it is on the unhaired (exposed) regions of her undercarriage, and face, it is sudden onset, and never happened before.  It could also be a reaction to fleas, other parasites, food or inhaled allergens.  Your vet can prescribe medication to soothe and take the itch out while her skin has time to recover.  Try and identify what she may have exposed herself to. 
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Hey!  If they look like pimples or little clearish white blisters, I truly believe they may be ant bites...I have 2 dogs that have severe allergies to the grass...they eat wellness dog food with kelp added, they get whiped off with baby wipes after going outside which minimizes some of the allergies & they get bathed twice a week (per vet instructions...its not the shampooing that dries them out, it is not rinsing them well enough) in shampoo from the vet...but I noticed one of my dogs had those pimple like bumps...they arent flea bites because flea bites are very tiny & red...if its blister like it is more than likely  ant bites...give her a bath in collidial oatmeal shampoo....just when you think your dog is rinsed off...rinse again but don't rub too much or you will roughen up their skin....then for the pimples, put benadryl or hydrocortisone cream on it...if you have neosporin with pain relief that works too....I hope that helps :)
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My dog had something similar, He is allergic to fleas. I took him to the vet and it turned out to be a staph infection. He was placed on antibiotics.
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Those are called hot spots and they are caused by constant licking and it is baisically a habit that your dog has gotten into and just to be shure you should go to her vet and get some cream for it so she doesn't like the taste and stops the licking and the sores don't get bigger
hope my answers help you out let me know how it goes [email protected] ok talk to you later
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I took my dog in for the same thing about 2 months ago and my vet told me to get cortizone cream from your local store and smear that on their sore twice a day. This worked and it saved me a lot of money! Vet's are spend now days!!
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Definitely go to the vet to get it looked at to be sure it is nothing that is to serious. If you are ever unsure of something call up the vets office and ask them what to do. If you need to bring your pet in do so.
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Mine also. (not the white spots) can't get rid what the heck? He swims on the carpet just to itch his belly, must be painful.

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