Which Dog Breed Looks Like The Head Of A Mop?


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Taylor Edgar answered
You can only be referring to the Komondor, the Hungarian sheepdog. It has a long white woolly coat resembling the cords of an old mop and the oldest of the Hungarian national breeds.

The Komondor's unusual coat, which is usually completely matted, has developed as a necessary disguise with the semi-wild sheep of the puszta. The breed was brought west with the Magyars 1,000 years ago during the great migration from Asia. Bred with extreme care by the shepherds of the Hortobagy region, Komondorok are now protected and fostered by the most important canine body in Hungary.

As a working dog, the Komondor is used only for sheep herding and police work in Hungary, Germany, Italy and the USA. There are not many in this country even today, their very raggle taggle appearance a sufficient deterrent to universal appeal. This is a pity, as these dogs are good temperamentally and real characters in their own right.

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