Is There A Mini Bulldog For Sale In Florida?


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Beware of breeders who say they breed 'mini' bulldogs. First, there isn't really any such thing. Most of the things they say are made up. When you try to breed a dog down you get MORE health problems, not less. While there may be some who really are trying to breed them a little smaller they will admit that they haven't been doing so long enough for ANY sort of consistency. Many of the 'mini' bulldogs are either mixed with a smaller breed or just plain old AREN'T.  Look for a real breeder that does not use those terms to sucker people in. They DO occasionally have pups they think will be smaller full grown but say that and do NOT use the term mini. Look up the contact info on this site and contact this lady. She can give you some very useful information on bulldogs in general and she may know someone in Florida. If not at least you will have a better idea of what to look and be prepared for.

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