How Can I Tell A Male Dog From A Female Dog?


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It is fairly obvious to tell the difference between a male and a female dog. Much of the male dog's reproductive organs will be visible on the outside of its body, whereas the female's are less conspicuous. If you are looking at a puppy then the penis and testicles will be rather small but you will still be able to feel or see a lump and this would not be the case with a female puppy.

The male dog should have two testicles inside what is called a scrotal sac. However if the male dog is without any or has just one testicle he should be neutered as a priority and as soon as the dog is old enough to take the surgery. If this is not sorted early enough then it can cause serious medical problems for the dog later down the line.

Another way to tell apart male and female dogs is that females tend to be of a smaller build. Female dogs are supposed to be more gentle, calmer and friendlier than male dogs and so many people will choose a female dog if they have small children or other house pets.
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Ok well I have a male dog and he still squats, so does that mean he is a female dog? No that just means that he never learned how to lift his leg (which is good). Easy to tell, males have a penis that goes up along their belly while a female does not.
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It is very simple to distinguish between a male and female dog. In male dogs, the position of scrotum is behind the anus, in between the rare legs. So it is easy to check their gender.

In 2-3 weeks you would be able to see testicles that are enclosed in scrotum. While in the female puppy dog, you can see vulva in the middle portion of back legs. That is how you distinguish between male and female puppy.
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I know this was a long time ago obviously since a best answer was chosen, but I just want to say that another thing about the "Males lifting their legs" is that they don't do that at ELEVEN days old anyway! They don't learn until at least 8 weeks old on a normal basis. Also when you can tell puppies by the way they pee, instead of actually checking them out, is about 3 weeks and forward, they start peeing on their own completely. At that point then the males will spread their back legs apart and squat part way down, where as females will just simply squat and pee. They go farther to the ground than males when squatting. So that is the REAL "Pee" way of knowing, not "The males lift their legs"...
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You can tell if a dog is male or female by the way they urinate. A male usually lifts up one leg, while a female squats.
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Males are usually bigger than females. Males are usually more broad and have bigger necks and faces. Females are usually skinnier and not as broad.

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