How Can You Tell A Male From A Female In Sulcata Tortoises?


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The sex determination in animals depends upon some physical structural differences. Tortoises have Gular Scutes, and their size varies from species to species. In case of Sulcata Tortoise, theses Scutes are highly pronounced in males as compared to females. The individuals who keep tortoise can easily observe this feature to distinguish in males and females. The sex can not be differentiated easily when they are young. The Scutes get bigger in size with age i.e. Normally they are required to be over 14 inches to notice the size of a male Gular Scutes.    Secondly, these Scutes can be flipped over to observe their plastron side (inward). Males have a concave plastron and female will have a flat one. The purpose of concave plastron in the male is that so they can mount and mate the female without falling off.
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I guess Male are heavier as compare to female!!
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If the nails are longer its a boy if the nails are shorter its a girl

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