How Do You Tell A Female From A Male Cat?


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Look for a colon if there is one it is a boy, and if there is a semi-colon it is a girl. I hope this helps!
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At about 3 weeks..... Guest is right about the colon/semi-colon!!!
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If it has balls, it's a guy.
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If it's an adult just look to see if you can observe the sac containing the testes, if there is none it's either female or a neutered male.
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I believe if it's a male, if you lift up his tail, it will show something like a colon mark, like this :
But, if it's a female, it will show an exclamation point !

I don't understand why the male cat has a colon, but as for the female, the first mark (the long line) is her vagina, and the "dot" underneath is the anus. (Now I need help as to why the male cat has the "colon" mark! Yikes!
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First of all Female's have their privat parts right underneath the tale. Males don't.
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There are 2 wholes one near the tail and-one next to it if the one next to it is big it is a boy
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Your cat just delivered a litter of adorable kittens but how can you tell the boys from the girls? It can be difficult to distinguish between the genitals of male and female kittens, especially when the babies are only a few days to weeks old. By learning about the reproductive anatomy of cats and comparing between male and female kittens, you have a better chance of telling them apart. Be aware that even breeders and veterinarians have made errors when trying to sex very young kittens.

All kittens should be born with two anatomical openings just below the tail. One is the anus and the other one is the genital area. The primary way to tell a female kitten from a male kitten is by comparing the distance between the anal opening and the genital opening. Rarely, a kitten may be born without an anus. This is a birth defect and is considered very serious and life threatening.

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Inspection, set off a cat's tail, see the bottom of the hole anus. If the vagina and anus is close to the two openings as close together, we can conclude that for the small cat.

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