My Cat Is Losing His Whiskers, Is He Sick?


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If your cat has only lost a few whiskers and seems to be healthy otherwise, then it's not likely that he's sick. Just as humans shed their hair and eyelashes, so too do cats lose their whiskers every now and again. Your cat's whiskers will eventually grow back to be shed again another day.

Cats who are under some degree of stress or who are being fed an inadequate diet are more likely to shed their whiskers than cats that are happy and well-nourished. If your cat is under some degree of mental duress or has recently experienced a change in its diet, then their whisker loss may be a result these stresses or changes. As long as your cat has only lost a few of its whiskers, then a return to normal - or at least a return to calmer circumstances - should help stop the shedding.

Elderly cats are also susceptible to whisker loss. Enhancing or supplementing an older cat's diet might help reduce the rate at which their whiskers are lost.

When your cat has lost more than a few whiskers over a short period of time, then its whisker loss could be a sign of a greater problem. In this case, you'll want to perform a cursory inspection of the animal to check to see if they're exhibiting other symptoms. Check the cat's ears, eyes, nose and anus for any discharge, check their mouth for bad breath, examine their fur for any sparse or bald patches and test the brittleness of their claws. In the event that your cat is showing any of these symptoms, you should consider taking them to the vet.

Really though, your cat will lose some of its whiskers from time to time. If yours isn't making a regular event out of whisker-shedding, then there's really nothing for you to worry about at all.
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The whiskers are a very weak sense organ. The least contact, even a squashy breeze will reason them to move. The bottom of each whisker is linked to very receptive clump of nerves that detects these tiny activities. In this way cats can repeatedly sense substance (mice, rats, clumsy people) moving about them.

As long as your cats look like they have the filled quantity of whiskers, you should not worry. However, should there be a noticeable deficiency of whiskers or if the cats seem to have supplementary problems, like not eating or drinking, not being energetic, etc. Then it is time to seek out a vet.
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No it's not sick at all !! Congratulations!!!! Is seems that your cat is a mature one, as children loose their teeth between the 5 and 7 years old, cats also change the whiskers, and they become more "mature" just check next time you go with the vet, about it. Good Luck!
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If they are all coming out you may want to consult a vet but if only a few come out he might be old
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That's sad and iv never had that happen before but what I would do is.... Feed it heathy food pet it offend and if it does not pea in the house keep it in said just in case an other animal it hurting it...
My family had a cat that we had  for 12 years and a STUDIED STUPID STUPID STUPID DARN    dog killed him so we made the people put him done...That STUPID dog has killed 2 cats... Just saying....I wold keep your cat in side if I were you...

Thanks for reading!!

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