My Male Betta Fish Spits Out His Food. Is He Sick? How Do I Treat Him?


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That's pretty typical behavior for a fish.  If they don't like what they find, they immediately spit it out.  Perhaps it could be the food, but it could also be due to the water quality making things taste bad.  You should try different food, and also change some of the water every week, around 20%.  Just don't change it all, or you will destroy the beneficial bacteria that helps break down waste.   Then your water gets a big rise of ammonia as it tries to reestablish the nitrogen cycle, which is very detrimental to your fish.
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I Have The Same Problem With My Betta He Spits Out His Food When I Give It To Him. It's Like He Is Hungry And Then Again His Not. We Are Frustrated Because He Won't Eat! We Tried Everything We Could Think Of But Nothing Works!?

Sorry about that I didn't know how to answer. Ü Oops!
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Yeah, it can be really frustrating, just give him some time, my fish did it 2 and now they eat SO much *laughs*

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