How Long Do Cats Stay In Heat?


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Hello I am experienced women that has had cats my whole entire life. Usually a female cat when they go into heat it can last for almost a week and a half. If you decide to get her fixed she will not be able to go into heat ever again. There's not much a person can do when a feline goes into heat because they are calling and striving for a male cats attention. It's would just be easier for a person to get the female fixed that way you wouldn't have to hear all that meowing. Oh and if you ever have a boy cat they like to spray when they feel threatened by another male cat but, that's only with the male cats. Thank you for your time. I hope with the information to answering your question has helped you in some way.
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You have to get her spayed! she will go into heat for two or three week several times a year. its the kindest thing to do, even if it doesn't bother you, its a very uncomfortable time for female cats. Hope that helps!
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i have a cat and this 2 - 3 day on heat thing is not correct it really lasts for 3 weeks or more. My cat has been on heat for more then 2 weeks and half and it really driving me crazy but if you don't want it to be on heat get is desexed and when they are on heat they make these weird nosies because they want to go outside and we won't let it like OMG
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Sorry but i didn't say 2-3 days i said 2-3 weeks. Which seems to be in line with your experiences.

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