How Much Do Persian Cats Cost?


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A purebred Persian kitten will cost you anywhere from £300 ($500) up to £750 ($1200).

The time of year should also be taken into account when you are looking for a Persian kitten. Cats will usually be in heat from early spring until the summer. Spring through to autumn will normally be the time when most of the Persian kittens are available. If a litter of Persians is born in winter, the price of these kittens will probably be higher due to there not being a lot of kittens available.

If the parents of the Persian kittens are registered the price for the kittens will be raised. The kittens will then be pedigreed or registered. If awards have been won by the parents, this will also raise the price. Because of the achievements of the parents, the kittens are proven show quality cats. A show quality Persian costs more than a pet quality Persian.

The kitten's colour and rarity of pattern or colour will also drive prices up. If a certain colour is more popular at any given time, the cost of a kitten of that certain pattern or colour will go up. Sometimes a judge will favour a certain colour in a certain season at cat shows. If the breeder offers a health guarantee it might also bring prices up. A good breeder will have the kittens checked out by a vet, and this will also drive the price of the Persian kittens up.

A Persian is a beautiful, but high maintenance, cat. They will require a thorough grooming programme to keep the fur from matting and tangling. They could experience respiratory issues. These will require medication. Persian cats and kittens have a predisposition for kidney disease. Beware of backyard breeders who will sell a kitten from a kitten mill where these kittens will be mass produced amid horrendous conditions.
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You can see Persian kittens advertised on the internet for under $200, but with absolutely no guarantee as to the pedigree of the animal or the conditions it's been kept in. $500 seems to be a more realistic estimate; you might like to check out this information site before going any further - it also contains links to quality cat breeders.
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It depends on the cat's pedigree.
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I saw on the internet for 1400.00 I was like holy s***

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