What Would Your Cats "Gang Name" Be?


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I have four cats two males and two females their gang names would be The Mob Four and I would put pink leather collars with chains hanging from them on the girls and black leather collars with chains hanging  from them on the boys. I'd also put little leather hats with the ears cut out for their ears to match their collars
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Nancy Slagle
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That's awesome if we got 1 more cat. We're still at 3...so that wont work. I'm going with "Kitty Kitty Gang Gang".
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My gang of felines would be collectively known as the "delinquent deviants"
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I would like to have their gang name as stylo Rockies. Yous too, seems to be cool one.
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This is just so cute, tigg.
I like hisdimples' answer.
  Cat Scratch Fever Gang sounds about right to me.
Yep, I like it.
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Rena Chisholm
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Whoa. I had no idea! I thought it came from the mind Of Nugent. Amazing, the things you can learn from your blurtit friends....:0) Thanks for the enlightenment. Sorry you had to go thru that.
Laura Smith
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oh wow billZ that sounds terrible !
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From what the doc told me, it is a blood infection caused by getting scratched by a kitty. Makes sense when ya think about the fact that they dig around in their litterbox, thus their claws are probably not very hygienic.

Wasn't that big of a deal, though it was moderately painful... was kinda funny explaining to people what it was, it got quite a few laughs.
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Our 1st cat's name was BooBoo Kitty from the Laverne & Shirley Show..
Our 2nd cat's name was Miss Kitty and the cat we have now is named B.C. Which stands for Bad Cat..
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Hmm.. I have one fat kitty.. Who is in love with a poodle.. Her gangs name would have to be.. Konfused Kitty..
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The last cat I had was named Gilles. We found him on Fordham University's campus in the '80s. We named him fter a play that was being performed near where we found him (Gilles de Rais). After that, I became allergic to cats, dogs and dust. Bummer!! 
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are you asking about my cat's name?  Mine is Sassy girl.  I have had a Chelsea, an Ashley, 2 Samanthas, and Bathsheba and Delilah, a Gidget, a Smokey, a Puff-Puff, a Priscilla,  and Amber, and my sister's cat is O'Malley.  oh and 2 kittens- Spic and Span.
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My cat doesn't like other cats, so she would have to have a one feline gang.  Her gang name would be Gordita.
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Scooterbutts....we would be the rivals of the Hissers!  Hissers come out to play!
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If my cat joined a gang it would be called the "BLOOD CLAWS". A peace
loving gang of cats who joined together to protect their home turf against
wild and homeless cats who try to tip over garbage cans, climb trees and
eat rare baby song birds and baby ducklings. These homes will never falter, never fail, and will never give up or surrender until the enemy has been defeated and peace and freedom has been restored to the hood.
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The last  cat we had was Caulfield, a big black funny guy.  When we would be making cookies he would hop up on the counter and using his paw like a spoon, he would scoop up a big glob of cookie dough and then scamper off.  He was very sneaky and always got his way.  My second husband put an end to all our cats.  He claims he is allergic.  We did find a good home for Caulfield.  He ended up a "theater" cat in that is where he lived.  He was a great mouser.  (The name is from the book "Catcher in the Rye""
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I don't own a cat but I imagine a gang called....The Feline Rustlers Yeah that is it. With a tattoo on the hip.....Smile
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believe me they all ride holly's....Smile Don't do this again this is to fun we maybe able to come together and make a movie out of this, you think.....
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Pooka and the Dog Food Thieves.....lol.... She always pushes the dogs away from their own food bowls and hisses at them if they try to get them back. They're big dogs but she rules the roost....lol
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We have 5, 5 cats, god all I wanted was a anteater oh you gang name hmmm how about Los Cinco "Gatos" So what’s wrong with a latin cat gang??
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R-Dizzle and the Furry Bunch...they'd have a symbol and color, but they'd pretty much be a joke in terms of being a threat to society.

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