Hi! My Cat Is Drooling Lots Of Saliva. It Started Yesterday And More Today. He Seems His Usual Self. He Is Eating And Grooming Himself As Usual. What Could This Be? Is This Normal? He Really Doesnt Look Sick...


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If you have a pet, you will know how concerned pet owners can get when they start to act out of the ordinary. This is exactly how you should react, quite often if your pet is acting strangely then there is usually something wrong, it could well be something minor but it could also be serious so it is always important to investigate. If you have a cat and you have noticed that he or she is drooling a lot more than usual and it has been going on for quite some time then there are a number of things that could be causing this. Quite often if your cat is not feeling too well, or they are about to vomit, they will begin to drool quite a lot. The vomiting can be caused by a number of things, they may have eaten something that they should not have while they were outside or they may have simply eaten too much. Obviously, if they do vomit then you can be pretty sure that it was this that was causing the excessive drooling. If your cat does not vomit then it is most likely to be a more severe mouth infection. This can be a lot more damaging to your cat so you will need to try and ascertain the type of infection so that it can be treated. Check your cat’s teeth carefully and look at the color of them; if they are not as white as usual then it is probably tartar. Take a look at the gum line of your cat’s mouth too, if you see a bright red color instead of a pink color then your cat could well have gingivitis. Both of these conditions can cause excessive drooling but are easily treated.

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This actually happened to my cat about a month ago. I freaked out and took him to the vet thinking he had rabies (even though he's had his shots and was acting normal). The vet checked him out and said he was healthy and it was NORMAL for cats to foam/salivate at the mouth if they taste or smell something bitter. In this case it was the pheromone given off from the birth of our neighbors kittens that triggered it. The vet also said that as long he is eating normally and acting normally it's probably not a problem.
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There are several reasons why a cat might drool. Reason one is nausia. When cats feel like they're going to vomit, most of them will drool. The other is severe mouth infections. Check your cats teeth. If they aren't white, then you have tartar! Also look at the gum line, if it's bright red instead of pale pink, then you have gingivitis. Which can make them drool.
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Excessive drooling in cats can be due to following reasons.
  1. Foreign material in teeth
  2. Gum diseases
  3. Mouth ulcer
  4. Infection of salivary glands
  5. Feline herpes
  6. Ingestion lizard
  7. Ingestion of flea spray or medicine
Some normal conditions can also cause drooling in cats like excitement, food smell, hot environment etc. You should get advice from your vet.
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You should really take your cat to the vet immediately. It may be a bad tooth, but if kitty is allowed outside, he could have been hit by a car. This could also be a sign of poisoning and every minute counts. Don't wait! If Kitty is not up to date on rabies vaccines you may have been exposed and will need help. Not trying to scare you, but these things can happen.
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My cat was experiencing the same thing... Brought him to the vet right away. Dr. Diagnosed him with a urinary tract infection. She said the drooling was because he was feeling nauseous due to the infection. But definitely bring her to the vet..... Medicine will be needed right away.
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My cat  had the same problem for several days and got worse and worse.
He drooled on the bed and chairs so much that I thought he peed there.
I suspected he ate something poisonous so I gave him some "MILK".
Two days later, he is normal. Of course he got some diarrhea which help
him rid of the poisonous agent. I heard that MILK can block the poisonous agents too.
Good luck.
Tom Chen
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My cat has been an indoor outdoor cat for about three weeks now.. The other day he came home and was acting strange (hiding out)  He has scratches and a few cuts on his body.. But I read up on rabies and it doesn't seem to be that.. He has also had his rabies shot.. I've had him quarantined since I have other animals..  We don't see the vet for a few days.. What should I do..
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The poor kitty depending on the age, it might have been a stroke. You should really get the kitty to the vet, and make sure that there isn't still something else going on. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the kitty. Pleases let me know. Thanks.
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Well, my cat used to do that a lot back a few years ago. I took her to the vet and she said that my cat wasn't getting enough water even though my cat was getting a lot of water. Check your cats fur on it's back. If it feels thick and damp then take it to the vet. It's not getting enough water.
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Could be oral cancer. Our cat did the same thing and the vet found a tumor under his tongue. He only lasted about 2 weeks as the cancer spread rapidly especially after we had a biopsy done. Could also be a dental issue. Either way~ your kitty needs to be taken to the vet if still drooling. Good luck.
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Take your kitty to the vet for this. My cat started drooling very heavily one day so I took him to a vet and found out that he had bitten into an electrical cord and burned his tongue. Had to give him antibiotics to help him heal. It appears that there could be many reasons for heavy drooling and none of them seem good, so as others said, your best bet is to take them to a vet and have them checked out.
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I noticed my cat drooling a lot today, ive had her for 9 yrs and she has never done that. I would monitor it for a day and take her to the vet. She is an in and outdoor cat so it could be something she ate.
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Check to see if your cat has something stuck in his mouth or teeth that he can't get out.  If you can't remove what it is, or there isn't anything in there, it is time to see a vet.
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Please take him to the veterinarians asap!
Your poor cat is suffering and so needs professional veterinarian advice....please take him to the vets asap if you have not done so already.
Thank you

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