Can You A Cat's Whiskers?


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Yes, cats whisker can be trimmed... However, the whiskers are a strong sensory device. Trimming them too much may result in your cat acting as if it has no balance, or to bump into things from time to time. Whiskers are simply a thick facial hair. It does grow back, but takes time.
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This is incorrect!! A cat's whiskers have very sensitive nerves in them and they are also rooted deep in their skin - to muscle which is how they are able to move the whiskers back or outward when adgitated.
The whiskers give them their sense of balance, smell, direction. They detect predators when outdoors.
Talk to your vet for advice such as this instead of getting advice from people who don't really know but are assuming it is ok.
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Jes620 is an idiot, don't listen to what he/she said! The whiskers are very sensitive and should never be cut...think of it this way, would you like the tips of your fingers snipped off? I didn't think so. The whiskers are probably more sensitive than your fingertips.  Leave them alone and please check with your local vet instead of idiots on the web!
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Jes620 you utter moron.  I'd like to trim your ears off (just a bit) and see if it affects your hearing at all.  Do NOT trim a cats whiskers.  My wife is a vet and she said that Jess620 should be imprisoned for life because of stupidity.
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Yes, you can trim cat whiskers but you got to make sure you don't trim them to much because yea what fontlow said it does help their balance but that is mostly a cats tail instead of whiskers. But if you trim them to much a cat will not want to eat because it helps them smell and taste their food.
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Urban legends and old wives tales. Cat's whiskers are not:
- balance assist devices
- smell or taste enhancers
- width or distance gauges
- early warning sensors.

Their trimming & even cutting right back will NOT affect your kitty at all. Our Mimi has been clean shaven from kittenhood and is still fully functional 4 years on.
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Well I cut them,just two of them, and it DID NOT bother her at all! I did not cut them all the way against her face, just took about an inch off. When they grew back they grew STRAIGHT! Yeah! :)she didn't have any problems with it! :)

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