Shall I Put Two Female Or Male Kittens Together?


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Robyn Rothman Profile
Robyn Rothman answered
You could have them "fixed".
Daniel Tagliento Profile
You have got to go for the sister act. Number One the established feline will tolerate the newbie and considering differences in ages & temperament and more importantly how you will be addressing first the Number One and gradually introduce a gang type play routine, she will go about her own way and chose or not to mother, accept on par or just ignore the interloper,
And much more importantly, there will not be a Prince amongst you; who might be so compelled to mark the limits of his fiefdom and your outer coats will not proclaim your house is a Feline House, You should appreciate the building's careful classification.
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unique braud answered
I would get a male cat because two female are just going to fight
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XiMing Gu answered
Have a try to pick the same gender cat and watch them to find out that are they good friends.

Also, you can pick a male cat, so your cats can marry . O(∩_∩)o...
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helen baillie-gutteridge
There are enough cats in shelters wanting homes without suggesting that cats "marry" luckyjohn. I hope you were joking, I don't understand your DIY smiley.

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