Why Does My Mother Cat Keep Moving Her Kittens?


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It must be first time for your cat to have babies that is why it's showing such attitude. Well it is very natural for cats to move from place to place when kittens are very small. Just let the cat do what suits it the best. Cats do this to ensure safety for their kittens from predators. Sometimes they do it consciously and some times unconsciously. Don't interfere in it otherwise it will feel more vulnerable. Try to make less noise near kittens. It will distract kittens and their mom.
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The mother cat feels her kittens are not safe. It may be that the male cat threatening the kittens is the problem but it may also be that you "check on them" too much. Most cats really want to be left alone with their kittens until the kittens start to wander about. It's usually best for only one person to peak in on them until that time and keep the kitten handling to a minimum until then. They should start getting pretty active soon and you may want to move them down stairs to eliminate injury from tumbling down them.
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There could be several reasons. Make sure she is in a quiet place, not a lot of noise or confusion! Cats like to feel safe. An enclosed room is good as long as you check on her to be sure she has food , water and a kitty litter box. And a cardboard box with clean warm blankets(that don't smell of a dog or any other animal ) in the bottom. Be sure she can get in and out ok , has room to move around. If she jumps out , put her back. If she's a first time mom she might be just nervous or scared, so reassure her, say Good Girl!! Pat her until she stays. Turn the lights down low, too . I put the water bowl and food , just outside the box, never in the box. If she continues this for days, it could be she thinks something is wrong with the baby. See if she is letting it nurse(drink milk) from her. If not call the vet. It could be a sick baby and needs help. I had a nervous cat once, she hid each of five kittens in a different closet around the house. I moved her to a new room, low lights, shut the door leaving food water and kitty litter. I checked on her several times a day, after about 3 days all was ok. Another cat though was not so lucky. She hid one kitten under a dresser!! I'd put it back in the box, and I'd find it moved minutes later. The other 3 were in the box! I thought the one she was hiding was sick, but it turned out it was the three!! But as she was ignoring the one , I bottle fed it formula from the pet store. Later the 3 died and the one I fed lived!! He is a big boy now!!(still my baby!!). I discovered long after. I had put flea stuff on the mom, not knowing it is deadly to kittens! Because he was away from the mom , he lived. I felt awful!! Don't use any chemicals on or around the babies!! Or the mom! Good Luck!!
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It is an old saying that a mother cat moves her newly born about 7 times and then she is satisfied. The reason is simple, Male cats tend to kill new born kittens so that the female cat is again available for coitus, but mother cat changes position of kittens so that the male cat is not able to track down the kittens by their smell..
Hope I've satisfied your question...
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Generally she moves the litter around for safety. I'm sure she will move them again. Try creating a nice, warm place that the mother kitty will find easily and might move her litter to. Perhaps a nest of blankets in a closet or other secure location, with food for mom nearby.
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The male needs to be separated from the kittens. if the cat is moving the kittens away from him she is trying to hide them from him. she may not feel safe where she goes as soon as he finds her. so for some time until the kittens are a bit older, the male needs to be kept away from / separated from them and the mother.
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My cat had her kittens last night they was in a cage in the living room I have kept everyone away from it and I have just been going near her to feed them she has moved one behind the sofa come to me for a stroke and laid down I am just a bit concerned in case she hurts them she as been looking after them well all day
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Leave them under the sofa as long as she can get in and out for food she will be fine and the kittens will be fine, if you can check on them every now and then but dont disturb her if she's feeding., they like dark places to keep the kittens so they wont be disturbed.
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My cat is about 6 wks pregnant, she has started to use my spare bedroom as a litter tray.. She even comes in from outside goes upstairs and does it.. I have tried putting her outside when she goes upstairs she stays out for a while then comes and goes straight back to the spot where she does it...
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Thanks for your answers. I moved them onto the floor on some blankets and mummy cat wasnt impressed. She has kept them there tho... This is the first time she has moved them. I do have a male cat too (he is one of her first babies from another litter she had) and he hasnt gone near them.
Thanks heaps for your answers.
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Mother cats often do this, especially if they feel the kittens are being disturbed where they are. If you are spending a lot of time with your cat, she may want to move the kittens where they can be more private. If you give her space and peace she will probably be fine. This forum may be of interest as it features people with the same problem as yours.
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Well the mom cat will move her kittens by her mouth. But mom cat do this work by efficiency and lightly. And please do not touch the kittens. Mother cats will often reject their kittens if a human has handled them. The thing you have to do is make the kittens safe from dogs or any other animals...
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My cat had her kittens 4 weeks ago, she had them under the sofa, I had to rip the back of as there was a small gap that she went in to, I check them often without disturbing mum or kittens and they are perfectly fine, she is a brilliant mum, I have had to treat the youngest for a stick eye and she has been so good at letting me do this, so I wouldnt worry to much about the kittens, as long as she is with them. I hope this helps.

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