My Two Male Cats That Are Brothers Are Fighting, Could It Be My Female Is In Heat?


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I used to have a female cat that was in heat and she was playing with me, and my sister said your cat is in heat so try not to be very rough with her. The others can sense that she is in heat and she wants to go outside with the males that are outside and to mate with her.

So my mom told me to take her to mine sisters room and leave her there so she would not be mated and not having any kittens this time so be very careful about what are you're trying to do.

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I sure betcha that is what is going on. She is in heat and they are going just as crazy as she is. So, like males do, they fight as their testosterone is hightened when she gets that way. This is how horses are too.
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Yes it is likely excitement over the female in heat that is causing the fighting.  Have your cat spayed and the boys neutered.  If they are all related you are going to end up with inbred kittens.  Animals do not know the difference between their mothers, sisters, and non-related cats in heat.  There are so many unwanted cats at the shelter do not contribute to this problem.  Most area shelters run low cost spay and neuter clinics if money is a concern.  Spaying and neutering your bunch will also help the fighting now and prevent it in the future.  Cats can come into heat every 6-8 weeks during the warmer months so this will cause disruption in your house quite regularly.

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