When Does The Breeding Season For Cats Occur?


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For cats, the breeding system occurs five times a year. It is only during the course of these breeding periods that the cat is fertile and ready to breed. The indication that a cat gives to its mate in order to invite him for the prospect of breeding is a shrill caterwauling.

As a matter of fact, when a domesticated cat is between the age of seven to twelve months old, it experiences its first encounter with a mate, with whom it engages in fertilization. The pregnancy of a cat normally lasts about a stretch of two months. A few minutes before actually engaging in the act of delivering the kittens, the cat ephemerally stops eating. The amount of kittens a cat delivers at a time is called a litter. Normally a litter consists of four kittens. The mother diligently watches over the baby kittens till their eyes are closed for the first few days. After that the mother cat lessens the diligence of its watchful scrutiny, knowing that the kittens are now big enough to look after themselves. The only prospect when a cat calls its kitten is the prospect of feeding.
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A female cat will continually be in breeding season until she is mated. Ask a veterinarian if you don't believe it.

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