I Have A Year Old Female Cat. I Want To Adopt A Month Old Kitten. Do I Get Female Or Male?


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A month old kitten is far too young to be taken from its mum. It should be 8 weeks old before you adopt one. Even when neutered a male and a female would most likely pal up better. So assuming that you have been responsible and had your female cat  made neutral by a speying op. ,then I would be inclined to adopt a male kitten ,over 8 weeks old and have him neutered by a castration op. When he is old enough (maybe 6 months or earlier) ask your vet.  Good luck    This answer does not mean that 2 female (spayed) cats would not make good pals. The temperament of both cats would be a factor too.
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ANN CARR , wanting to Adopt A Baby Kitten or Small Kitten We Are In Aberdeenshire Scotland , answered

Thank You For Your Advice Regards caroline

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You have a better chance of her getting along with a male. But spaying and neutering will be very helpful with any gender, as they will not have as much instinct to fight for resources and defend territory. Good luck with her and the kitten!
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Definitely get a female! I know from experience 2 females get along better,just get them both fixed n they will be fine
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Kittens should stay with mum until 8 weeks old.  You would be better getting an( 8 wk) male kitten but you need to have them both neutered. He new kitten could be done around 5 mths old.

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