My Dog Has A Bumpy And Dry Nose What Can I Do To Get Rid Of The Bumps And Dryness


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A bumpy and dry nose may indicate a variety of ailments your dog may have, however, it can also be completely normal and the dog may be perfectly healthy.

Therefore the best advice, in order to be sure, is to contact your vet or take the dog down for a check up with them. Some illnesses and viruses that are usually connected to your dog having a dry and bumpy nose are:

•    Allergies
•    Injuries
•    Sunburn
•    Autoimmune disease

However, as previously stated, a dry nose on a dog may be none of the above. There is some medication cream that a vet may prescribe that can help to get rid of the bumpy dryness. However, you should under no circumstances use normal moisturizer or other cosmetics that you use yourself. This could cause an allergic reaction; which could leave the dog in a much worse state than before.

It is always the best policy to check with a vet if you have any concerns with your dog. If you can not take the dog into the vets for a check up then it is still worth ringing the surgery. You can describe exactly the symptoms to the vet over the phone and they should be able to give you expert advice on what is the best solution to rectify this problem.

Although it may be very tempting and somewhat easier to check online first, searching symptoms can cause a lot of undue stress. It is best to consult the people who know best - the vets. You will get an answer that is a certainty, rather than a lot of guess work that you receive on the Internet searches.

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