My Dog Has A Smelly Ear Discharge And Flaky Itchy Skin With Some Spots That Look Like Acne Help,can You Help?


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My daughters dog had/has a problem that sounds like yours. "Kirby" shakes his head and tries to scratch his inner ear. She has a,"Bassett/Beagle", with long ears. Those types of dogs with long ears, tend to get infections because, the ears don't get air. 1st off get the dog to a vet {it is your responsibility as a animal owner to provide proper vet care.(note:  I am not being mean)}. "Kirby" has a prescription for antibiotics. And, she needs to use a ear wash. I have observed her cleaning his ears. She put in the cleaning drops{directions on bottle}, rubs his ears so it really gets in the ear, then uses cottonballs to get the yuck out. It is gross. The gunk is smelly and black. She cleans until the cottonballs are free of the gunk. Hope this helps.
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Well all the symptoms are related to each other and are clearly pointing out at ear mites. First off let me tell you how can you prevent your dog from mites in future once it regains its health. Just keep it away from free roaming animals. This will surely reduce the risk if wont completely keep the mites away.

Now coming to the point, take your dog to a vet who will physically examine its ear with an Otoscope or swabbing its ear to find live mites under a Microscope. He will then clean its ear to remove the crust of discharge from its ear canal or will prescribe you Selamectin (Revolution) that is one of its types to cure this disease. Insecticidal drops in the ear and flea sprays are also helpful in killing mites anywhere on the body. Believe me, its not very difficult to get rid of this problem. Thank You
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Sounds like she has an ear infection and some kind of dermatitis.  These can be related conditions since in simple terms the ear canal is an invagination of skin, and unhealthy skin is susceptible to infection.
Her ears need immediate veterinary attention.  Ear infections are very painful and uncomfortable and in some cases head shaking can lead to aural haematoma.  The vet will examine her ears and take swabs of the discharge to determine which kind of infective organism is present and then prescribe some drops accordingly.  They can also administer pain relief.
Ear infections usually resolve fairly quickly although it may recurr if there is an underlying skin condition.  Your vet can investigate the dots on her belly and give you appropriate advice.
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Hi there my name is Amanda i have a beagle that has redness and black stuff in her ears she has gone to the vet and got so stuff for it but it is not working what do i do now

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She probably has a combination of problems.  The ear problem sounds like yeast infection.  She could also be allergic to something that would cause the bumps.  The best bet is to get her to a vet right away!  Good Luck
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My dog has the same thing. If she is an outside dog, the red dots may be ant/misquito bites. I'm not exactly sure about her ears. The dandruff may be caused by the brand of shampoo you're using.
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It could be depressed try to give it a lot of attention it could work give it a try
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Try using a twelve gauge and put it up to the ear ,  clean it out real good

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