My Puppy Has Tiny Bumps On Her Head. Does Anyone Know What This Is And What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of It?


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I have 3wk old blue nose pit of the gray ones has small gray bumps on its head and face...a few other ones have some coming also...but not as bad...what could it be?
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I recently bought a puppy from a breeder; at the time I bought her the breeder told me that she had been bit my ants. The bumps kept getting worse over the next few days and after taking her to the vet it turns out she has scabies, which is a skin parasite that dogs and humans can get caused by tiny mites burrowing in the skin, the longer you wait the worse it gets. We've been treating my puppy for 6 months now, she is much improved however she still has them. I'm would strongly recommend that you take her to the vet to make sure it's nothing serious, like allergies or parasites.
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Im sorry about your puppy. I just noticed about 10 bumps on my 3mo. Old boston terrier. We will visit his vet soon but now im concerned after reading your blog. How did your puppy get scabies? And has gone away now?
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My 3 month pugel has small bumps on his head similar to pimples.  They have been there for approx.  3 weeks.  What are they and what should I do for them?
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It could be flea bites or flea beds according to how big the bumps are.
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I have a rednose pitbull and she has lots of pimples  all over her stomach and some in her neck and head what isit? What do I do?

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